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The use characteristics and scope of blister packaging machine

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The use characteristics and scope of blister packaging machine

April 28, 2021

The small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine uses PVC and PTP as the secondary packaging materials, and is suitable for various specifications of plain tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, capsules and special-shaped tablets and granular medicines.

This machine is a bladder-type internal heating aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine. Due to the advanced fluorine coating technology used on the surface of the heating roller, the PVC is heated evenly and the blister is firmly formed. There is no foam loss during shutdown and start-up, preventing waste of packaging materials. Suction foaming, filling, reticulated heat sealing, batch number printing, and plate punching can all work continuously. Edgeless punching can save 4% -6% of packaging materials. The equipment is easy to debug and repair, reasonable in structure, compact, small in size, light in weight, and low in price. It is the crystallization of high-tech skills.

Small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine features and scope of application:

1. The small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is a miniature blister packaging machine with small volume and compact structure.

2. All parts are driven by gears, the mechanical layout is reasonable, the running noise is low, and the equipment is easy to repair.

3. It is matched with a universal feeding machine, which is suitable for filling and packaging materials of different shapes.

4, with batch numbering function.

5. The package is sealed reliably, the blister is crisp, and the plate is straight and beautiful.

6. ​​It is suitable for packaging various sizes of capsules, flat tablets, sugar-coated tablets, special-shaped tablets and other medicines, as well as chocolate beans, chewing gum and other small foods.

Small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine features:

1. Adjustable stroke, mold positioning, convenient mold conversion, accurate plate alignment, touch heating, positive pressure blow molding.

2. Man-machine interface, PLC programmable control, variable frequency stepless adjustment

3. Automatic blanking, various molds and blanking devices can be designed according to user requirements

4. Can choose tangent indentation, batch number, and waste recycling device

5. Select the manipulator to clamp the feed, linear reciprocating operation, accurate and reliable synchronization (the stepping motor traction can be improved)

6. ​​Cylinder heat sealing, the heat sealing mold will be separated automatically when stopped, will not burn the package, and extend the service life of the machine

7. This type of model is a series of products of the same model, which is specially supplied for small pharmaceutical factories, hospital pharmacy departments, pharmaceutical factory research institutes and other units.

8. The corresponding design of the same type can be provided according to user requirements.

9. The transmission of this type of model is very bumpy and the noise is extremely low.

10. Filling, forming, sealing, punching and typing are all automatically and continuously completed.

11. The aircraft occupies a small footprint, low energy consumption, and low investment.

12. The structure blockade can be stopped according to user requirements.

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