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Powder Granulator Machine

Wet granulating machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industrial for powder mixing and granulating.

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Powder Granulator Machine

  • Wet Mixing Granulator

    quality Powder Granulator Machine Service

    This machine is suitable for mix different powder material and granulate wet granules in one procedure. The principle of action is based on: 1) Feed the powder material into the container of granulator. 2) Dry mix by the rotor stirring oar 3) Add binder make wet material 4) Break the wet material to wet granules by cutter.

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  • Dry Granulator

    quality Powder Granulator Machine Service

    This is a new equipment to make granules directly from the target material using the crystal water in the material. The finished granules can be made to troches or capsules. It adopts the electromagnetic timing and features the simple structure, stable capability, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance.

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Applications of Granulator

Medicine: pellet granule, capsule filling granule;

Food: food manufacturing particles, seasoning particles, etc..

Plastic: all kinds of plastic molding particles;

Chemical: catalyst, pigment, detergent and other particles.

The mechanism of the particles can be compressed agent, do granules, capsules, etc.. This rapid mixer granulator is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The method is especially suitable for granulating materials which can not be solved by wet process.Applications of granulator.jpg

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