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Powder Granulator Machine

Wet granulating machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industrial for powder mixing and granulating.

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Powder Granulator Machine

The whole process consists of two programs including mixing and granulating. Powder material can be charged into the material pan from the conical hopper and continue to rotate in the container under the action of mixing blade once the hopper is closed. In the meanwhile, all material grow up the shape of liquid bridge under continuous effects of conical all.


Features of Wet Granulator

  1. With consistent programmed technology (man-machine interface if option selected), the high shear mixer granulator can get assured of stability in quality, as well as easy manual operation for convenience of technological parameter and flow progress.


  2. Adopted frequency speed adjustment to control the stirring blade and cutter, easy to control the size of particle.


  3. With the rotating shaft hermetically filled with air, it can prevent all dusts from compact.


  4. With a structure of conical hopper tank, all material can be in uniform rotation.The tank is laid with an inter layer on the bottom, in which water cooling circulation system featuring higher thermostatic performance than air cooling system is furnished, which leads to improve the quality of particles.


  5. With automatic lifting of the pan cover, the tank outlet matching with drying device, self-equipped arm-ladder, it is easy to operate.


  6. Lifting system with paddle is more beneficial to clean paddies and pot body.


Applications of Wet Granulator


Medicine: pellet granule, capsule filling granule;

Food: food manufacturing particles, seasoning particles, etc..

Plastic: all kinds of plastic molding particles;

Chemical: catalyst, pigment, detergent and other particles.

The mechanism of the particles can be compressed agent, do granules, capsules, etc.. This rapid mixer granulator is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The method is especially suitable for granulating materials which can not be solved by wet process.Applications of granulator.jpg

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