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What factors are related to the labeling speed of the labeling machine

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What factors are related to the labeling speed of the labeling machine

February 24, 2023
Latest company case about What factors are related to the labeling speed of the labeling machine

In the functional configuration of the labeling machine, different components constitute different functional characteristics. The speed of the labeling equipment is affected by the motor factor. Let's briefly explain the specific situation for you.

Automatic labeling machine for round bottles
The speed of labeling is related to the motor system. There are two types of common labeling motors. One is a stepping motor and the other is a servo motor. The functional parameters of the two are compared as follows:;

1. Motor rotation speed comparison; (Note: speed estimation is only for reference)
Stepping motor: speed 1000 times, 300-400 milliseconds;
Servo motor: speed 1000 times, 5-10 milliseconds;
The speed of labeling can be seen.


2. Comparison of labeling accuracy;
Stepping motor: ideally, the accuracy is 1-2 mm; (The open loop is not controllable, and the accuracy range has a large impact)
Servo motor: accuracy ± 1mm; (closed-loop control, high accuracy and stability)
The labeling accuracy and stability can be imagined.


3. Motor matching and labeling speed;
Stepping motor: usually equipped with a semi-automatic labeling machine, the operation is simple, and 15-60 pieces are labeled per minute,
Servo motor; The system is usually configured for automatic labeling machine, with many operating procedures, and 50-200 pieces are labeled per minute.



The above is a brief description of the influence of the motor performance on the labeling speed. The labeling speed is also closely related to the performance of other matching components besides the motor. Users can complete the purchase according to their own product requirements.

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