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Process and equipment selection for improving the efficiency of crusher

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Process and equipment selection for improving the efficiency of crusher

May 14, 2021
Latest company case about Process and equipment selection for improving the efficiency of crusher

The crushing section is the process of making feed particles smaller through impact, shearing, grinding and other methods. It is one of the most important basic processes in a feed processing plant.


The energy consumption of the crushing section accounts for 70% of the total energy consumption of the feed processing plant. Therefore, improving the pulverizing efficiency of the pulverizer can reduce the processing cost, and selecting appropriate technology and equipment to achieve the improvement of pulverization quality and efficiency is the key.

1. Crushing process

1.1 Single-cycle crushing process This process can use a hammer mill with enlarged sieve holes and a plane rotary screen or a vibrating grading screen. After being crushed, the materials are retained on the sieve holes through a grading sieve, and then transported back to the original crusher for pulverization, and the under sieve can directly enter the batching bin. It adopts the method of enlarging the sieve hole to increase the material flow rate, thereby reducing energy consumption. Compared with the one-time crushing process, this process can save 26%-40% of electricity and increase the output by 34%-50%.

1.2 Secondary crushing process This process can use two hammer mills or a combined process of roller mills and hammer mills. The materials are usually coarsely crushed by the first crusher and then classified, and the coarse particles are crushed again by the hammer crusher. This process can eliminate the impact of material reflux on the efficiency of the pulverizer in a single cycle process. In combination with the roller mill, the excellent characteristics of the roller mill can be fully utilized, which not only saves power consumption, but also reduces noise and makes it easy to adjust the fineness of the product. This process can achieve the process effect achieved by a single cycle process.

2. The transportation of crushed materials The transportation of crushed materials adopts mechanical transportation (plus suction).

After the secondary crushing process is adopted, the particle size of the product is correspondingly increased, and the output of the crusher is large. After crushing, the lifting equipment and the horizontal conveying equipment must have the corresponding conveying capacity.

3. When the automatic control feeder grinder is working under the best conditions, it is required to ensure the uniform feeding under the maximum workload so that the grinder can work efficiently and stably. The automatic control feeder can adjust the feeding speed according to the material moisture characteristics, fiber content, etc., so that the motor current can run efficiently under the rated load. Because the feeder realizes the optimal load control of the crusher, the power consumption of the feed mill is reduced, and the output of the crusher is increased.

4. The use of a new type of crusher vertical shaft crusher has been used in European feed mills in recent years, and compared with the horizontal hammer crusher, it has increasingly shown its obvious superiority. The vertical shaft mill eliminates the auxiliary suction system, which solves the problem of inefficiency caused by improperly equipped suction system and failure of the suction system in the traditional process, and reduces water loss. The machine is also equipped with a quick screen change system, multi-port feeding, and quick hammer loading and unloading mechanism. The machine is also equipped with a temperature sensor and a vibration sensor to monitor the working condition of the shredder. The use of a vertical shaft grinder can increase output by more than 25% and save energy by more than 30%, which is more and more popular with users. There are many factors that affect the crushing efficiency. Full consideration in the selection of equipment and the determination of the process layout is an important way to improve the quality and efficiency of crushing.

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