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company news about Working principle of disc type, linear type, push type bottle unscrambler

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Company News
Working principle of disc type, linear type, push type bottle unscrambler
Latest company news about Working principle of disc type, linear type, push type bottle unscrambler

Bottle unscrambler is a common equipment in the field of modern glass bottle manufacturing and food processing. There are many kinds of equipment, and the working principles of the four modes are introduced.


1. The operating principle of the disc unscrambler is very simple:


First, the bottles need to be manually placed into the round turntable in the equipment; then the turntable will continuously push the bottles into the conveyor belt and enter the filling machine for filling. Usually on the bottle unscramble tray of this equipment, there will be a flexible bottle turning arc plate at the entrance of the bottle to move the bottle toward the outer circle of the disc to unify the bottle-entry interval.


These two devices are functions that the ordinary box type bottle unscrambler does not have. They are very suitable for the sorting of flat bottles and square bottles. If special structure adjustments are made, the same specifications of round bottles, flat bottles and square bottles can Need to be sent to the conveyor belt of the production line for bottling on the packaging line.




2. Linear bottle unscrambler. The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, it can realize fully automatic operation, and the damage rate is low.


Its main components are: receiving hopper, lifting belt, conveyor belt, delivery belt, bottle turning device, outlet conveyor belt, frame and compressed air nozzle.


When working, one end of the lifting belt is placed in the receiving hopper, the other end is placed on one side of the conveyor belt, and the lifting belt is equipped with spacers. The conveyor belt, the bottle turner and the outlet conveyor belt are connected to each other in sequence and placed on the frame. The delivery belt is on the upper part of the conveyor belt and close to the bottle flipper. There is a large pitch spiral hole in the bottle turning device, and the length, width, and height of the hole are equal to those of the bottle to be sorted.




3. Push-type bottle unscrambler. Easy installation and maintenance, high work efficiency:


The rotating drum is arranged in the outer drum, and the rotating drum is provided with a tray and a conveying channel. The bottles loaded into the tray will first be pushed into the bottle holding groove with the bottle mouth groove plate and the supporting plate structure by the pusher in the equipment, so that the left and right bottles to be discharged can fall upright on the lower bottle plate and be Transfer to the conveying channel. Then the bottle is sent out by the wind. 10,000 to 20,000 bottles can be sorted per hour.


4. Modern high-speed bottle unscrambler plays a very crucial role in improving the efficiency of the production line.


The main principle is to clamp the bottle through the conveyor belt on both sides and transport it to the working surface of the conveyor. At the same time, it is sorted out by various bottle turning devices to sort out the bottle specifications, and the electronic control system passes the sensors of each part Carry out real-time monitoring and feedback, so as to achieve the requirements of fully automated operation.


At present, high-speed bottle unscramblers generally adopt the technology of automatic quantitative feeding to the turntable. The turntable is arranged at high speed with different bottle turning devices to arrange and supply the bottles as required.


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