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Why is the pill count not accurate?

September 9, 2022

Parameter setting


The setting size of the silo gate, the setting of the oscillation frequency of the three-stage oscillating plate, the setting of the product length and the small parameters, the setting of the estimated value, the setting of the counting speed, and the setting of the separation speed will all affect the performance of the capsule counting machine. accuracy.




The quality of the compressed air affects the counting accuracy. Compressed air with large water content has a great influence on the sensitivity of the actuator cylinder. Once the sensitivity of the cylinder decreases, the accuracy of counting cannot be guaranteed.


Human Factors


The operator did not preheat the machine before starting the machine according to the operating procedures. Or during the operation of the machine, the operator does not replenish the material in the silo in time, which affects the separation state of the material on the oscillating plate, which will lead to inaccurate product counts.


material factor


The three-stage oscillating plate for the production of capsules, tablets and pills is set to oscillate at a completely different frequency. Or in the production of tablets and capsules, due to the large amount of dust in the material, the accumulation of dust in the detection channel blocks the infrared rays, so that the counting circuit cannot work normally.


Cylinder sensitivity decreased


As the executive element of the capsule counting machine, the response time directly affects the accuracy of counting. The main reasons for the decrease in the sensitivity of the cylinder are: moisture content in the compressed air, non-cylinder special grease, impurities entering the cylinder, wear and leakage of the seals of the cylinder, etc.