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When using peristaltic pump, how can the equipment achieve the rate?

May 27, 2019


Loosen the pressure tube when the equipment is not working


When the peristaltic pump is not working, releasing the pressure block can prolong the pump line life.We know, peristatic pump is by compression hose and hose natural spring back to produce suction and fluid transport, in order to maintain the pump tube long life, when not using the pump, try to lift the head of the pump block, so that the pump tube in the natural pressure state, thus extending the life of the pump tube.


Reduce pump speed as much as possible


When selecting peristaltic pump, the pump speed should be reduced to less than 300 RPM as far as possible on the premise of meeting the flow rate.The flow rate of peristaltic pump is generated by the rotation of the pump head. If the pump is rotated faster, the service time of the pump pipe will be shorter. Therefore, when the pump pipe is expected to be used for a longer time, the pump with a larger pipe diameter can be selected as far as possible to reduce the speed of the pump.


Selection of peristaltic pump line


It is suggested to use special peristaltic pump pipe on the pump head, and common pipe for other connecting pipes.The extruded tubes used in peristaltic pumps need good compression resilience and tear resistance, so the material purity of these pump tubes is relatively high, the wall thickness and the shape accuracy are relatively high, which will lead to the high price of peristaltic pump tubes.Therefore, it is more economical to use common pipe as connection pipe.


Size selection of pipe joints and diameters


The inlet of the peristaltic pump pipe should be as short as possible.The suction force of peristaltic pump is generated by the spring back of the pump pipe. If the pipeline, especially the inlet pipe, passes through long or the diameter becomes smaller, it will cause excessive resistance at the suction end, and the spring back of the pump pipe will be blocked if the resistance is too large, so the actual flow rate of transmission will suffer great losses.Similarly, if the diameter of the outlet pipeline is small or the pipe passes through long, the discharge pressure of the peristaltic pump is usually small, and the output flow will be reduced when the discharge resistance is too large.


The theoretical flow should be slightly higher than the actual flow


When selecting peristaltic pump, the theoretical flow should be larger than the actual flow, better than 30%.Peristaltic pump pipe is soft, so the negative pressure and discharge pressure generated by it are small. If the liquid transported has a certain viscosity or the pipeline has a certain length, the actual flow loss will be caused. In order to meet the required flow selection, the theoretical flow will be slightly higher than the actual flow.


Keep pump casing and pipe clean


Peristaltic pump in the use of the process should pay attention to clean up the pump shell and pump pipe on the debris.Because the peristaltic pump is relatively sophisticated equipment, mainly by the pump keep relatively high precision gap, thus squeezing pump pipe, if because of the damage of pump pipe into the liquid adhesive to the pump casing pressure wheel and briquetting and pump pipe, can change the pump head pressure gap, even small changes can cause the excessive premature wear of pump pipe, seriously will affect the pump head causes the damage of the pump head.


Regular inspection to prevent pump pipe damage


Peristaltic pump in the use of time to check the pump tube wear.Since the peristaltic pump pipe is a fragile part, once damaged, it will cause liquid leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to check the surface of the pump table in time to prevent the pump pipe from being damaged.


Selection of pump pipe material


In the selection of peristaltic pump to pay attention to the need to transport the liquid will not corrosion pump pipe.Since the pump pipe has many materials and many kinds of liquid, no pump pipe can withstand all kinds of liquid. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the type of liquid, make comparison through chemical phase solution table or make sure the pump pipe can be used through soaking experiment.