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company news about What problems may be encountered when using the high-efficiency soft capsule machine? How to solve it?

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Company News
What problems may be encountered when using the high-efficiency soft capsule machine? How to solve it?
Latest company news about What problems may be encountered when using the high-efficiency soft capsule machine? How to solve it?

High-efficiency soft capsule machine adopts the popular soft capsule machine at home and abroad at present, adopts new technology and materials, and is carefully designed and manufactured. It is a laboratory-type soft capsule machine with small volume, high accuracy and technology in China.

The abnormalities that are easy to occur in the operation of the high-efficiency soft capsule machine are as follows:
1、 The capsule cannot be separated:

1. The capsule needs to be replaced due to its own reason.


2. The vacuum is too small. It can be seen from the vacuum gauge. There are many reasons for low vacuum. For the reason of the vacuum pump itself, find a mechanic to repair or replace the vacuum pump. The air pipe separated from the vacuum pump connecting capsule is broken, so replace the air pipe. The filter membrane of the vacuum pump is blocked, and the filter membrane is cleaned. There are also reasons such as too small water flow. Replace the larger water flow pipe. Specific problems need specific analysis. Here I just listed a few simple points.

3. The gap between the module and the capsule separator is too large. Either the height of the capsule separator is adjusted, or the module or the telescopic rod in the module is faulty. It needs analysis to find a solution. Here, it is easy to cause problems if the powder is too fine or too sticky.

4. The module is not correct. Adjust the module with the adjusting lever until it automatically falls into position.

5. The module is blocked by too sticky powder, and the module should be cleaned.

2、 The head and tail of the capsule are recessed. Sometimes the capsule shell itself has problems. I have encountered many problems before. The replacement of the capsule shell will solve the problem. Then check whether the height of the ejector pin needs to be adjusted at the ejector pin. Sometimes it can also be solved by increasing the stress area of the bladder. To increase the stress area of the capsule is to customize a thicker thimble. This is what people from the capsule manufacturer said. We didn't do it at that time.


3、 Capsule rubbing is very headache and often encountered. It needs to be treated carefully. This phenomenon generally occurs for the following reasons:
1. The difference between capsule cap and capsule body is too large due to the capsule itself. The capsule needs to be replaced.


2. There is too much residual powder on the module. The module needs to be cleaned.


3. When installing the module, the upper and lower modules are not aligned, so realign the module. Until the adjusting rod can automatically fall.


4. It is also related to the size of the powder particles. In the process of talking with others, others also say that there is this reason. I didn't confirm the details. If there is such a reason, it should be included in the verification to determine whether the particle size can cause the splitting phenomenon. If it is confirmed that this phenomenon does occur, consider whether the screen should be replaced during granulation.


5. Check whether the thimble is too high at the locking position of the capsule cap.


6. There is a way to solve the problem of splitting, which can be tried to shorten the distance between the upper formwork and the roof. Of course, the distance is too short. The principle is that it should be locked before splitting. This method is really feasible, which is the method I use more. Once, I found that there was no way to solve the problem. I almost replaced the whole batch of new shells. Later, I used this method to solve the cutting problem.


4、 There is too much difference in loading capacity. There is no fixed method. Readjust the filling rod. This reason is basically directly related to the powder. If it is related to powder, please directly refuse to fill and require the granulation post to rework for the sake of equipment.


5、 The distance between the powder scraper and the dose plate should be 0.5 mm, as long as it does not touch the dose plate. Raising or shortening the distance can directly affect the loading capacity. Sometimes the loading capacity is too low. Try to increase the distance. If the filling rod is not pressurized at a short distance and the loading is too high, please directly request the granulation post to rework.


6、 The bearing at the finished product outlet, the locking position and the removal of the waste bag is blocked, which is basically caused by the presence of the powder after entering. Please clean the bearing in time and add an appropriate amount of oil. Adding butter at these places is stronger than adding oil. After cleaning, ensure that the bearing has been dried, otherwise it will be blocked immediately. Each time the site is cleared, the bearing should be removed for cleaning and oiling.

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