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company news about What matters should be paid attention to when using particle size analyzer?

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Company News
What matters should be paid attention to when using particle size analyzer?
Latest company news about What matters should be paid attention to when using particle size analyzer?

Particle size analyzer is a kind of universal particle size analyzer which can measure the particle size according to the scattering principle of light.It has the advantages of wide dynamic measurement range, fast measurement speed and easy operation, etc. It is very suitable for the measurement of powder and liquid droplets with wide particle size distribution range. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of powder processing such as medicine and has very important practical value for scientific research such as universities and research institutes.
The industry said that in recent years, the rapid development of medicine and other industries, the need for particle size analyzer and requirements are also rising.With the application of laser and microelectronic technology to particle size measurement, the laser particle size analyzer came into being.This new analyzer can greatly reduce the labor intensity, accelerate the detection of samples and improve the quality of test results.And because of the measurement speed, high accuracy and good accuracy and other characteristics of the market favor.
In terms of speed, the measurement process of the laser particle size analyzer can be completed in about 2 minutes. Some instrument manufacturers also realize real-time detection and real-time display functions, allowing users to observe and monitor samples during the whole measurement process.
In terms of operation, the laser particle size analyzer can automatically complete the functions of data collection, analysis and processing, result preservation and printing due to its high degree of automation.
In addition, the laser particle size analyzer is applicable to a wide range of particle size measurement. Compared with traditional methods, the test process is not affected by many factors such as temperature change, medium viscosity, sample density and surface state. As long as the sample to be tested is uniformly displayed in the laser beam, accurate and reliable measurement results can be obtained.
At present, the market of particle size analyzer in China has a variety of products with complete functions, which meet the needs of many research institutes and experimental research.A company's technical staff said that although the particle size analyzer has been widely used, but users in the process of operating equipment, particularly need to pay attention to a few details.
Note 1: measurement unit preheating.Since the dynamics analyzer is made of precision electronic components, the electronic components in the circuit have a key technical parameter. When the components are powered on, the temperature will change with the extension of time.Therefore, the particle size analyzer needs power preheating.Technical personnel said, in general, the user in the particle size analyzer the first start up process, shutdown more than half an hour and then repeated start up the need for warm-up treatment.
Note 2: system alignment.System alignment is the alignment between the center of the particle size analyzer laser beam and the center of the ring photodetector.
Note 3: system parameter setting.In the main menu interface of the particle size analyzer, the operator clicks "file" with the left mouse button, and the "file" sub-menu pops up on the screen.Then click "start again" with the left mouse button, the screen continues to pop up "system parameters Settings" column.Input in this column: ultrasonic time, tester and other items to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and responsible person.
Note 4: sample preparation.It is reported that sample preparation refers to the process of taking appropriate data from the powder materials to be tested for measurement, selecting appropriate suspension and dispersant, mixing the sample with suspension, and making the sample particles fully dispersed in suspension without chemical reaction with suspension and dispersant.

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