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What Is The Reason For The Poor Accuracy During The Use Of The Labeling Machine?

February 18, 2021

When using a labeling machine, there are many factors that lead to poor labeling accuracy. If there are three main categories, they are product problems, mechanical problems, and electrical problems. Next, let us listen to our new Shengde Import and Export Co., Ltd. The standard machine manufacturer will tell you about this problem.

latest company news about What Is The Reason For The Poor Accuracy During The Use Of The Labeling Machine?

1. Product problems: Generally speaking, there are two types of product problems, one is the labeling problem, and the other is the device itself.

1) Product problems are usually caused by too many product accuracy errors. Solution: Check and adjust the accuracy of the product size to ensure that the label is stuck to the fixed position of the product when labeling.

2) Label problems usually include label spacing that does not meet the standard. Solution: Select the label whose label spacing must meet the label standard.

2. Mechanical reasons: mechanical reasons mainly include two main situations, one is static and the other is dynamic.

1) The static cause is the shaking of the meter head. Solution: Fix the header by tightening the header and adjusting the fixing seat to avoid shaking.

2) Dynamic reasons: a) The product is shaking on the conveyor, the solution: by reducing the guide gap, to avoid the product shaking on the conveyor;

b) Match the speed of the label and the product. Solution: By adjusting the traction frequency or conveying speed, the label can be accurately labeled when the product reaches the labeling position.

3. Electrical reasons: Similarly, electrical reasons can also be divided into two types, namely detection and power supply, of which:

1) The common cause of power supply is abnormal transmission. Solution: Check the tightness of the transmission components to ensure the normal operation of the labeling machine.

2) The specific reasons for the detection are: a) The parking meter is incorrect, the solution: reset the standard measurement electric eye, and let the labeling machine stop labeling after labeling the product;

b) The measured object is inaccurate, and the solution: adjust the electric eye and amplifier to accurately detect the labeled product and accurately generate the label.

Nowadays, labeling machines exude unique charm in various industries and fields, and play an important role. Its outstanding performance has attracted the goodwill of many customers. It is easy to store and protect the equipment from moisture, rust and other conditions. Labels posted by labeling machines are also very popular. Not only can you choose different labels for labeling according to different products, but the labels that are posted are correct, generous, and have a very small error rate, which improves the production efficiency of the product.