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What is the difference between the working principle of semi-automatic filling machine and automatic filling machine?

April 26, 2021

There is strong continuity between modern packaging equipment. The filling machine can not only be operated alone, but also can be flexibly matched with labeling machines, capping machines and other equipment to form a packaging production line, and the filling machine can be applied to industries It is also very extensive, such as the condiments oil and salt commonly used in our lives. Daily necessities: shampoo, shower gel, etc. Even some special industries, such as medicine, pesticides, sulfuric acid and other products can use filling machines. The biggest benefit brought by the filling machine is to improve production efficiency and reduce business costs.

Today, the editor of Xinshengde will talk about the working principle of semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling machine. There are many types of filling machines, such as: liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine. Their working principles are almost the same. It's just that some thicker filling machines require high pressure to fill the product into the knife bottle.

The working principle of the filling machine is actually to achieve an effect of linkage, it needs to be driven by transmission machinery, so that various parts can work in coordination with each other.

The semi-automatic filling machine has direct liquid filling and piston paste filling. The working principle of direct-flow liquid filling is relatively simple. The filling method of constant current timing can precisely control the filling volume by adjusting the filling time under the condition of certain liquid level pressure. Semi-automatic piston filling machine is a filling machine for filling high-concentration fluids. It uses a three-way principle of a piston and a rotary valve driven by a cylinder to extract and eject high-concentration materials, and a magnetic reed switch controls the stroke of the cylinder , You can adjust the filling volume.

Fully automatic filling machines are also roughly divided into direct-flow liquid filling machines and piston liquid filling machines. Their working principles are the same, except that the degree of automation differs. When the bottle enters the transmission belt, it will pass through the infrared sensor. During this period, the unscrambler will continue to arrange the work. After the bottle has been transported to the infrared sensor, the bottle will be gradually released to Conveyor belt. This can achieve no bottle no work and avoid waste of resources. When the filling reaches the specified weight, the filling will be stopped, and some fillings will also be equipped with a suction system. The degree of automation is very high!

The choice of filling machine depends on your product. If your material concentration is high, you must choose a piston filling machine. Furthermore, it depends on the output requirements of your factory. If the requirements are not high, choose semi-automatic Filling machine, if the output requirement is high, choose a fully automatic filling machine.