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What is a Pill Counter and how does it work?

June 3, 2021

What is a Pill Counter and how does it work?



Pill counters, also known as tablet counters or drug counters, are used for the accurate and time saving counting of medication in tablet or capsule form.


The counter uses precise weighing based on the initial weight of the empty pill vial followed by the weight of an individual pill. Once the desired pill count balance is added, the counter is able to calculate the number of pills in the container.



What is a Pill Counter used for?

Counting pills is a repetitive and arduous task that is expensive and time consuming. It has previously accounted for the highest allocation of pharmacist’s time. Pill counters have now transformed the work of pharmacists, nurses and vets as they permit the speedy and accurate counting of individual tablets.

This will benefit these industries because it will…

  • Increase accuracy and avoid human error
    • This therefore ensures that the patient receives the correct dosage of medication in order to prevent overdose and benefit from the medication.
  • Aid adherence to medication safety requirements
    • Prescriptions will legally state the specific quantity of pills required and failure to follow these regulations could result in legal consequences.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs
    • Pill counters eliminate the time consuming task of manual pill counting. This will reduce challenges such as staff shortages, increases in prescription volume and long work hours. This will in turn reduce costs for the company.