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company news about What factors are related to the working state of the horizontal labeling machine?

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Company News
What factors are related to the working state of the horizontal labeling machine?
Latest company news about What factors are related to the working state of the horizontal labeling machine?

How to make the horizontal labeling machine work in an ideal state is a problem that every company and every maintenance person is very concerned about. Next, we analyze the matters that need to be paid attention to, so that our labeling machine can work quickly and stably to meet the requirements of the enterprise.

1. Mechanical design
The main body of the machine is divided into two parts, one of which is the design. Whether the quality of the product can satisfy the customer first depends on the design and development process of the product.


Doing a good job in the design and development of the product is the premise of realizing the upgrading of the product and improving the level of the product quality.


The design directly determines the formulation of the production plan, the procurement of raw materials, the difficulty of crafting, the type and processing accuracy of the horizontal labeling machine, the level of quality, etc. Poor design may lead to difficult production of products.

2. On-site installation
During the installation process, if the parts are not correctly installed in this part, or there is a certain deviation, then the machine will cause problems such as accuracy, supply, and efficiency during the operation of the machine.


It directly affects the stability of the machine during operation and the offset of the labeling position. It is better to have a desiccant on site to dehumidify first, so as to ensure that the label is not short-mouthed.

3. Installation environment
Environment is a major factor affecting quality. According to the production space and environment of the enterprise, such as air temperature and site, if the label is lower than the humidity it bears, then the label cannot be attached to the bottle or because the humidity of the bottle is not within the bearing range, then during the labeling process, there will be In a similar situation, if the installation environment is windy, it will also have a very small impact on the horizontal labeling machine, but as long as a little improvement is made, the problem can be easily solved.

Maintenance precautions for horizontal labeling machine:
1. The installation and use environment of the equipment: the room temperature is required, and it cannot be used in a high temperature, humid and acidic environment for a long time, so as not to affect the service life, efficiency and accuracy of the equipment.

2. Keep it clean: After use, the mechanism of the equipment, such as friction rollers, electrical boxes, etc., should be cleaned up. Cleaning and maintenance can be performed with fine or commercial neutral cleaning fluids.

3. Matters needing attention in cleaning:
(1) Do not use acidic solution.

(2) Do not use corrosive plastic utensils.

(3) Do not use cleaning tools that damage the mechanical surface.

4. Regular inspection and maintenance: The machine should be inspected periodically in order to maintain the normal operation of the machine, including but not limited to the following aspects.

(1) Clean up discarded paper scraps and debris.

(2) Soft brush or cloth to clean the lens of the sensor.

(3) Remove the oil residue from the drum and the edge.

(4) Replace the fuse regularly. This equipment uses an AC power supply, and a fuse should be used to prevent overload.


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