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company news about What factors affect the precision of quantitative liquid filling machine

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Company News
What factors affect the precision of quantitative liquid filling machine
Latest company news about What factors affect the precision of quantitative liquid filling machine

When using the quantitative liquid filling machine, liquid errors often occur. What are the reasons for the errors? How to reduce the accuracy error of filling materials to a smaller range, and what factors will affect the filling accuracy? Only by finding the root cause of the problem can we solve the problem and improve the accuracy.

Pressure, different pressure, the error is different. Changing the pressure is obtained by changing the viscosity of the filling object and the volume of the metering chamber of the flowmeter. The lower the viscosity, the lower the pressure. For ordinary liquid, when it is close to 0.1Mpa, the viscosity changes ≈ (0.1~0.3)% with each increase of 0.1Mpa. The difference of pressure has a great impact on the accuracy of the liquid filling machine.

The temperature is affected by the temperature, and the accuracy will also change. Different temperatures will cause different errors to the testing instruments, and the accuracy will have certain errors. According to the strict test, when the working temperature is 10 ℃ higher than the calibration temperature, the additional error of the volumetric flowmeter made of cast steel in the metering chamber chamber is 0.4%.
Viscosity, which will offset the flowmeter characteristics. For the volumetric flowmeter, the viscosity decreases, the leakage increases, and the error is positive; On the contrary, the viscosity increases, the leakage decreases, and the error is negative. The error caused by viscosity is a form with high frequency among various errors.

Flowmeter: In the filling control system, flow detection is realized through various flowmeters. The basic error of the flowmeter is obtained under the standard operating conditions. In actual use, additional errors are inevitable because the field operating conditions deviate from the standard operating conditions. The field operating error of the flowmeter is the combination of the basic error and the additional error of the flowmeter. When selecting, try to select the instrument with small error and high precision to avoid the error generated by the instrument.
Filling system: The filling system controls the whole filling process, and the speed and accuracy largely depend on the analysis and operation of the filling system.

Automatic design and mechanical control are adopted for filling. Errors are normal. As long as they are within the normal error range, pay attention to several aspects that affect the error of the liquid filling machine, and pay more attention in actual production, they will not have too much impact on the production packaging.

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