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company news about What are the treatment methods when the automatic capsule filling machine is abnormal?

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Company News
What are the treatment methods when the automatic capsule filling machine is abnormal?
Latest company news about What are the treatment methods when the automatic capsule filling machine is abnormal?

What are the ways to deal with the abnormal situation of the automatic capsule filling machine?

The automatic capsule filling machine is operated by touch panel, frequency conversion and speed regulation. The machine is sensitive in action, accurate in filling dose, novel in structure, beautiful in appearance and convenient in operation.


It can automatically complete the actions of capsule placement, separation and filling, reducing labor. strength and improve production efficiency. It is suitable for filling all kinds of capsules, whether it is domestic or imported. It is an economical and practical equipment for filling capsule medicines in the pharmaceutical industry at present.

But he is also prone to some abnormal situations during operation, as follows:

1. The capsule cannot be separated.

1. The capsule shell itself needs to be replaced.

2. The vacuum is too small. There are many reasons why the vacuum is too small. If the cause of the vacuum pump, find a mechanic to repair, or replace the vacuum pump. The trachea separated from the vacuum pump connecting the bladder shell was ruptured, and the trachea was replaced.


The vacuum pump filter membrane is blocked, clean the filter membrane. In addition, it may be the reason that the water flow is too small, then we have to replace the larger water flow pipe. Of course we have to look at the situation to find out why. Just to list a few here.

3. The gap between the module and the shell separator is too large, so the height of the shell separator or the module can be adjusted, or there may be a problem with the telescopic rod in the module. Of course this requires analysis. The powder is too fine or the powder is too sticky is the most prone to problems.

4. The module is not right. Use the adjustment lever to align the module until it is automatically seated.

5. The powder is too sticky to block the module, and the module should be cleaned.

2. The head and tail of the capsule are concave. Sometimes the capsule itself has a problem. I have encountered this a lot before, and replacing the capsule solved it. Then check the thimble to see if the height of the thimble needs to be adjusted. Sometimes increasing the stress area of ​​the sac can also solve it.


To increase the force-bearing area of ​​the capsule shell is to customize a thicker thimble. This is what I heard from the capsule manufacturer, but we didn't do it at the time.

3. Capsule rubbing and splitting, this is a very headache, and it is often encountered. need to be treated carefully. This phenomenon generally occurs for the following reasons.

1. The reason for the capsule itself, the difference between the capsule cap and the capsule body is too large. The bladder needs to be replaced.

2. Too much powder remains on the module. Module cleaning is required.

3. When installing the module, the upper and lower molds are not aligned, re-align the module. Until the adjustment lever can automatically fall.

4. In fact, it is also related to the particle size of the powder. In the process of talking with others, others have also said that there is a reason. I haven't confirmed it specifically.


If there is indeed such a reason, then this item should be added in the verification, whether the particle size can cause the phenomenon of insertion and splitting, if it is confirmed that this phenomenon does occur, then consider whether to replace the screen when granulating.

5. Whether the thimble is too high at the closure of the capsule and cap.

6. To solve the phenomenon of insertion and splitting, there is a way to try, shorten the distance between the upper die and the top plate, of course, the distance is not too short. The principle is: before the insertion and splitting have occurred, it is said to be locked. This method does work, and it's the most I've used.


Once before, I found that there was no way to solve the plug and split. I almost replaced the whole batch of capsule shells that came into the factory. Finally, I used this method to solve the problem of insertion and splitting.

Fourth, the difference in loading is too large, there is no fixed method for this. Readjust the filling rod. This reason is basically directly related to the powder. If it is related to medicinal powder, for the consideration of equipment, please directly refuse to fill and ask the granulation post to rework.

5. The distance between the powder scraper and the dose disc should be 0.5 mm, as long as it does not touch the dose disc. Increasing or shortening the distance can directly affect the load capacity.


Sometimes the load is too low, you can try to increase the distance. If the filling volume is too high when the filling rod is not pressurized at the shortest distance, please directly request the granulation post to rework.

6. At the exit of the finished product, at the locking place, and at the place where the waste bag is removed, the bearing is blocked. It is basically because the powder appears after entering. Please clean the bearing in time and apply an appropriate amount of oil. Adding butter in these places is stronger than adding oil.


After cleaning, make sure that the bearing is dry, otherwise, it will be blocked again immediately. Bearings should be removed for cleaning and oiling each time the site is cleared.

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