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company news about What are the common problems in the application process of the liquid filling machine?

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Company News
What are the common problems in the application process of the liquid filling machine?
Latest company news about What are the common problems in the application process of the liquid filling machine?

As the name implies, liquid filling machines are filled with liquid (such as milk, liquor, beverage, edible oil, etc.). Liquid filling machines can also be divided into normal pressure filling machines, pressure filling machines, vacuum filling machines, etc.
Common problems in the application process of liquid filling machine are as follows:
1. The influence of the filling pressure of the liquor filling machine on the filling effect Because the liquor contains saturated dissolved CO gas, which occurs during the fermentation process and participates in the liquor, the solubility of the liquor to CO2 varies with the temperature and pressure of the liquor.
2. The influence of liquor conveying pressure on the filling effect The liquor is transported from the sake tank through the pipeline to the liquor filling machine, and its escort power is the back pressure in the sake tank used by a few liquor plants. Since there is a long pipe from the sake tank to the wine filling machine, the pressure of the wine arriving at the wine filling machine is usually not fluctuating, and the shake is relatively large. The liquid level in the liquid storage tank also causes a large shake. Therefore, the CO in the liquor will escape, which will affect the filling effect of the liquor.
3. Influence of cylinder pressure on filling effect during filling process, the pressure of cylinder can not be ignored. If the pressure is too low, the bottle will not be tightly lifted, which will lead to poor sealing, easy to form wine leakage and blistering, and the wine will not be fully loaded; However, if the pressure is too high, the bottle will vibrate greatly when falling, and it is also easy to form wine.
4. The influence of bottle neck air on the filling effect Filling is an important way for oxygen to invade liquor, so it is also an important link in packaging liquor quality. Since the wine contains CO gas, the pasteurization will be stopped by the sterilizer after filling, so the wine in the bottle cannot be filled too full to prevent the temperature of the wine from decreasing during pasteurization. The escaping CO gas can not get enough buffer space, resulting in a sharp drop in the pressure in the bottle and further bottle explosion.
5. Influence of filling valve on filling effect At present, most of the international liquor manufacturers use machine type equal pressure filling valve for their liquor filling machines. When the sealing rings used for vacuum valve and pressure relief valve in the filling valve are worn and the sealing rings in the centering installation are damaged, the balance of equal pressure filling will be broken, and it is easy to cause abnormal filling liquid level; When the return pipe of the filling valve is bent and the umbrella shaped reflective ring on the return pipe is damaged, the normal filling of liquor will also be affected.

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