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company news about What are the classifications of filling machines?

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Company News
What are the classifications of filling machines?
Latest company news about What are the classifications of filling machines?

Xiaobian introduces you to the main types of filling machines. The application of filling machines is still very wide. For example, packaging machinery is used in industries such as daily chemicals, food, and medicine. Filling machines are a type of packaging equipment. Therefore, Xiaobian combined with SED relevant technical personnel to introduce the classification of the filling machine for everyone to understand.

latest company news about What are the classifications of filling machines?  0

1. Sort by filling method

Atmospheric Filling Machine: A machine that fills a liquid into a packaging container under normal pressure. It is suitable for filling liquid products with low viscosity and no gas, such as white wine, vinegar, soy sauce, milk, medicine and so on.

Negative pressure filling machine: a machine that first draws a vacuum on a packaging container and then fills the liquid into the packaging container. Suitable for filling low-viscosity liquid materials such as oils, syrups, vitamin-containing beverages, pesticides, and chemical reagents. However, it is not suitable for filling aromatic wines because it will increase the loss of wine.

Isobaric filling machine: first inflate the packaging container with the internal gas pressure equal to the gas pressure in the reservoir, and then fill the liquid into the machine inside the packaging container. Suitable for filling gas-containing beverages such as beer, soda, etc., can reduce the loss of carbon dioxide gas contained therein.

Pressure Filler: A machine that uses external mechanical pressure to fill a liquid product into a packaging container. Suitable for filling viscous materials such as ketchup, meat emulsion, toothpaste, balsam, etc.

2. Classified by main movement form of the packaging container

Rotary filling machine: After the packaging container enters the filling station, the filling machine rotates around the main vertical axis, rotates for nearly one week to complete the continuous filling, and then the carousel is used to press the capping machine, such as the left The figure shows. This kind of filling machine is widely used in the food and beverage industry, such as the filling of soda, juice, beer and milk. This machine is mainly composed of feeding system, bottle supply system, filling valve, large turntable, transmission system, body and automatic. Control and other components. The filling valve is the key to ensure that the filling machine can work normally.

Straight line filling machine: The packaging container moves along a straight straight line and is filled in rows when it is stopped. As shown in the figure on the right, the filling machine has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture, but the floor space is relatively large. Because of the intermittent movement, the production capacity is limited, so it is generally only used for the filling of gas-free liquids. Packing, the limitations are greater.

3. Classification by degree of automation

Manual filling: The filling process is all controlled by manual operation, mostly for the filling of airless liquid materials. But it is currently used less.

Semi-automatic filling machine: In liquid filling, the upper bottle and the unloading bottle are manually operated, but the filling process is automatic. Generally, it is mostly filled with gas and liquid materials.

Automatic filling machine: This type can be divided into single machine automatic machine and combined automatic machine (can include continuous washing, filling, glanding, labeling, packing and other processes). Among them, the combined automatic machine is suitable for the filling production line of large and medium-sized factories, such as beverage, beer and other filling production lines.

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