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What are the causes of foaming in vacuum freeze dryers?

July 7, 2022

The whole process of freeze-drying in a vacuum freeze-drying machine is relatively complicated. A little carelessness may lead to a decrease in the quality of the freeze-dried products. Therefore, it is necessary to select the automatic control system software according to the regulations.


latest company news about What are the causes of foaming in vacuum freeze dryers?


The design of the automatic control and control system of the vacuum freeze dryer stipulates that the actual operation is simple. After the raw materials are put in, the button is started, and the freezing vacuum pump is much easier to lift and dry, and it is reminded to wait for the feeding after the freeze drying.


Sometimes the drugs lyophilized by the vacuum freeze dryer will foam. Then, what factors will cause this phenomenon? Let's analyze and introduce the solution.

1. Frozen is not firm;

2. The vacuum pump is not properly operated.

3. Failure to grasp the characteristics of raw materials.

4. There is a problem with the heating process.

5. The compactness of the surface structure of the freeze-dried block, which causes foaming when the internal vapor is discharged when it is dry.

7. If the vacuum pump operation is not very good, there will be a start-up situation, and the machinery and equipment should be well maintained.

8. If it is blistered as soon as it is vacuum packed, it belongs to the fact that it is not frozen and the raw material is not completely crystallized.

9. If the foam is heated after a period of time, it belongs to the fact that the heating is too fast, the material temperature exceeds the eutectic point temperature, and the raw material melts and foams.

10. The dryness link (ascending link) goes into the analysis before it is finished, so that the ice-containing raw material that has not finished rising will be melted and foamed.

11. If the concentration value is too high and is not resolved, layers of crystalline salt are produced on the surface of the raw material during pre-freezing. This layer of crystalline salt seriously harms the safe passage of water vapor when the raw material is elevated, making it very short (about 1 The bulge will appear within the time of the hour, and the more serious it will be blisters.