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Vacuum freeze dryer to avoid lightning strike

August 24, 2022

The freeze-drying process of the vacuum freeze-drying machine is carried out in a vacuum and low-temperature environment, which will not destroy heat-sensitive substances, and also inhibit the biological activity of enzymes and the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, so that the color, aroma, and color of fresh fruits and vegetables can be better preserved.


Taste, shape and nutritional components, can prepare high-quality dried fruit and vegetable products. The vacuum freeze dryer must pay attention to avoid lightning strikes in thunderstorms: lightning strikes are divided into two types of attacks, direct lightning strikes and induced lightning strikes.


Direct lightning strikes, as the name suggests, means that lightning strikes directly on the camera. This type of lightning strike causes serious damage, but the probability of occurrence is relatively small; induced lightning is called secondary lightning, which is divided into electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction.


Freeze dryers should pay special attention to thunderstorms and take precautions in time. Thunderstorms cause great harm to human activities and often damage production equipment.


Most of the current refrigerated dryers are mechatronics equipment. Although they have been designed for lightning protection, they are still vulnerable to lightning strikes. Unfortunately, after being struck by lightning, multiple components are often caused.



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Damaged and expensive to repair. Many parts are not damaged after being struck by lightning, but they are hit by high pressure, laying hidden dangers for future use. Therefore, taking some preventive measures to reduce the risk of lightning strikes is also a major maintenance for the equipment.

In short, thunderstorms occur frequently in summer, and if the freeze dryer is to be safe from wind and rain, on the one hand, it needs reasonable urban planning and the deployment of security products to be prepared; Excellent product, even in unexpected bad weather.