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V shaped mixers' disadvantage

October 12, 2021

V shaped mixer is one of the main mixing equipment in the market. It has a large scale application in various industries. It can be used in the design of asymmetric design. It is suitable for the material flow and physical properties of the material.

After many years of application of V shaped , the quality of products is becoming more and more high, and the hybrid requirements are improved. The V mixer has been very difficult to complete the new hybrid tasks, the market urgently needs a kind of heritage V shaped mixer, and can solve the problem of V mixer.

Since 2002, JINHE brand invented a new hybrid concept, dual motion hybrid process. In detail, the combination of all the advantages of the hybrid device, a motor, a motor, two sets of motion device, feeding tube rotating with animal feed, while the material is also independent rotary mixing, can be very good to solve the problem of material is not easy to mix, loading rate has been recognized by the market, after the use of contrast, can completely improve now all mixing equipment.