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company news about Ultrapure water machine market competition is fierce, the key to determine the outcome is the filter element

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Company News
Ultrapure water machine market competition is fierce, the key to determine the outcome is the filter element
Latest company news about Ultrapure water machine market competition is fierce, the key to determine the outcome is the filter element

Ultrapure water machine is the use of pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, super purification and post-treatment methods, the water will be almost completely removed conductive media, and the water will not dissociate colloidal substances, gas and organic matter are removed to a very low degree of water treatment equipment, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.In the ultrapure water machine equipment, the filter element is a very key component, it is an indispensable material to purify water quality.With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry to drive the growth of ultrapure water machine market, the competition between enterprises and enterprises is more intense, now users in the choice of ultrapure water machine, pay more and more attention to filter accuracy, life and other aspects of filter core.
It is understood that the current ultrapure water machine filter core mainly reverse osmosis membrane, precision filter core, activated carbon filter core and other types.Among them, reverse osmosis membrane in the small ultrapure water machine used more, the general life of 2-3 years or so;Precision filter core, also known as filter core, split wire wound filter core and PP fusion jet filter core, mainly filter large particles in raw water, its life is generally 36 months;Activated carbon filter core is divided into compressed activated carbon filter core and bulk activated carbon filter core, set adsorption, filtration, interception, catalysis in one, can effectively remove the organic matter in the water, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances, and decolorization, odor removal effect.
At present, PP filter and activated carbon filter are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.In addition, for the current filter core market, in order to enhance the market competitiveness, some ultrapure water filter core research and development manufacturers according to the needs of users to increase the research of filter core technology, from the structure, material selection, filter accuracy, life and other aspects to improve.
For example, one company has developed a new composite filter core, which is equipped with a high-purity copper-zinc alloy filter material/activated carbon fiber /ULU slow-release scale inhibition crystal, which can continuously remove residual chlorine and iron-manganese heavy metal ions in the source water, and also inhibit bacteria and other microbial reproduction.Compared with the conventional filter element, this composite filter element greatly improves the efficiency of water treatment, and extends the replacement cycle of the filter element to 6-12 months, which saves the cost for the enterprise and improves the production efficiency.
At present, domestic research on ultrapure water filter core technology and product innovation research and development has been more and more effective.However, ultrapure water plant reminded that the filter has a certain life, so in the use of ultrapure water, the user needs to regularly replace the filter to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.There are two main reasons to change the filter element regularly.
First, if the ultrapure water filter core is not replaced for a long time, the trapped pollutants will continue to accumulate in the surface layer, with the passage of time, more and more pollutants, and a series of chemical reactions with the water body, leading to the growth of internal bacteria.
Secondly, the filter element has a service life.When the filter to use cycle if failed to timely replacement, ultrapure water inside the machine is easy to jam because of the accumulation of pollutants, the equipment of raw water purification effect has already begun to sell at a discount greatly, if not timely replacement filter, over time, congestion will be more and more serious, even may cause secondary pollution, led to the decrease of the effluent is not up to standard, water efficiency, and so on and so forth.
Therefore, in order to let the ultrapure water machine play its due effect and role, to ensure the quality of water quality, the regular replacement of the filter is very necessary.

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