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Troubleshooting of cartoners

May 19, 2022

No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, after long-term use, there will be machine failures of one kind or another, and cartoning machines are no exception. In order to improve the efficiency of cartoning, high-speed cartoning machines are generally used. If it cannot be sucked successfully, what should we do? If the vacuum pipeline is blocked or leaked, we should carefully check the air circuit and troubleshoot. There will also be seals.


latest company news about Troubleshooting of cartoners

Only in this way can the sealing performance of the cartoning machine be good. However, after the cartoning machine has been used for several years, the internal sealing ring will age. The best way is to replace the new sealing ring.


The suction cup of the cartoning machine mechanism is not working correctly. , Readjust the position where the carton conveyor chain is installed. In addition, the suction nozzle of the cartoning machine is not in contact with the manual. Align the position of the suction nozzle and the paper tray according to the adjustment method, and adjust the angle again. The suction of the suction nozzle is not enough. , is to check the vacuum line of the equipment to remove the blockage.

Whether the blowing mechanism of the cartoning machine is incorrect or the transmission system is adjusted incorrectly, it must be adjusted according to the instructions.


Application of  cartoning machine


latest company news about Troubleshooting of cartoners