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Troubleshooting and Solutions of Freeze Dryer Compressor

July 1, 2022

1. First check whether the compressor can be started normally, and test whether the voltage of the compressor is normal.


2. If the voltage is normal, check the static resistance. Whether the static resistance voltage is balanced and stable. If the resistors are unbalanced, look for a short circuit in the motor pack.


Is there a problem with the winding. If the resistance is stable, check to see if the temperature of the compressor is also stable. If the temperature is too high, it will take a while to cool down. Try again in 2-3 hours.


3. If everything is normal, see if the bearing is healthy.


Second, the compressor is noisy.

1. Check whether the screws of the compressor are firm, and whether there is slippage or collapse.


2. Test whether the current is stable. Is it too high.


3. If the compressor fluence is too large, check the cooling effect of the compressor and see if it is overheated.


4. Check whether the compressor is reversed. Whether the compressor has aged and damaged.


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3. Insufficient suction and exhaust pressure.


1. If the suction and exhaust pressure is found to be low or high, it is generally a problem with the chiller system.


2. When the exhaust pressure is low, whether the defrosting system is normal, if it is defrosting, there will be noise, which is a normal situation.


4. Current

1. The current inspection can not only be limited to the compressor, but whether the voltage of the motor itself is stable.


2. Check the one-way valve, oil, and whether such components are normal.