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company news about To determine whether the hepa filter is qualified, three aspects can be examined

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Company News
To determine whether the hepa filter is qualified, three aspects can be examined
Latest company news about To determine whether the hepa filter is qualified, three aspects can be examined

With the strengthening of supervision and the improvement of pharmaceutical companies' quality requirements, pharmaceutical production has strict requirements on environmental cleanliness. According to the division of different levels of clean rooms, pharmaceutical production needs to adopt different air cleanliness levels according to different requirements of each process.To meet cleanliness standards, some pharmaceutical companies use hepa filters to clean the air in cleanrooms.Industry said that the hepa filter is a key equipment to achieve high clean air purification, can be widely used in optical electronics, biomedicine, precision instruments, drinks and food industries clean room air conditioning terminal air supply.
At present, with the continuous expansion of the demand for hepa filters in the pharmaceutical industry, the market for hepa filter equipment also ushered in a good opportunity for development.In the face of multifarious equipment, the user in the process of selecting the hepa filter, there are some doubts generally, to this, the author made a comb of common problems and a brief answer.
Generally speaking, hepa filters must be tested one by one before leaving the factory.There are several things a user can check when selecting a filter to determine whether it is qualified.
First, check the raw materials.For example, check the efficiency of the filter material, if the filter material itself does not meet the requirements of efficiency, can not make a qualified filter, or check the material dust.Traditional high efficiency filter with clapboard, if paper clapboard, and the raw material control is not strict, paper clapboard dust risk, in addition, if the production environment of filter material is poor, filter material itself with a large number of dust may fall off, the filter made may also dust.
Second, visual inspection.For example, check the surface of the filter for cracks or minor damage.Industry said, the naked eye is very easy to observe filter material damage, a small amount of damage repair is relatively easy, this repair should be in the filter production plant.And some minor damage is not easy to observe with the naked eye, only through the test bench detection can be detected.
In addition, the filter material during the production process by excessive weight or some human factors will damage the filter material.If the damage is only individual and not serious, it is possible to repair into qualified products, but repair quality should meet the standard requirements.
At the same time, check the sealing defects, filter material and filter frame combined parts of air leakage.It is understood that in the production inspection, most of the inefficient is caused by this kind of air leakage.Most of this situation can be repaired, but the appearance after the repair can not have obvious defects.
Then check for air leakage at the joint of the filter seal strip.Many hepa filters have sealing tape on the side.Sometimes interface processing is not good, will cause air leakage phenomenon.Some manufacturers use field foam polyurethane seal strip, no seams, so there is no air leakage problem.If the joint is used, the joint should be made into a maze.
Third, simple tests.After the hepa filter is installed, the user can use the downstream dust concentration to determine whether the filter is qualified.If the test is good, can rest assured to use.
In addition, after the user selects the appropriate hepa filter, it should be noted that, as hepa filter is a beneficial equipment to purify the air, if leakage occurs during installation, replacement or debugging, it will cause pollution to the clean production of pharmaceutical products.Therefore, after scientific and reasonable installation of the equipment, it is necessary for the user to check the leak of the hepa filter before running the equipment, so as to ensure a clean environment in the production workshop.

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