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Those things about high-speed tablet presses

July 20, 2022

The high-speed tablet press is a miniaturized machine that automatically rotates and continuously presses tablets. It is equipped with an overload protection device that can automatically stop when the pressure is overloaded. The high-speed tablet press improves the uniformity of tablet density and reduces the phenomenon of splintering.


latest company news about Those things about high-speed tablet presses

Tableting machine


Production of various round and special-shaped sheets, doors and windows with transparent glass can clearly observe the state of the pressed sheet to prevent pollution. The side panels can be fully opened for easy internal cleaning and maintenance.


The parts that come into contact with the medicine are all made of stainless steel by precision machining. The high-speed tablet press can keep the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination in line with GMP requirements. The support frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the upper and lower parts can be disassembled independently for easy transportation.
All controls and operating elements are well laid out. The high-speed tablet press adopts the frequency conversion speed regulating device for electrical speed regulation, which is easy to operate, stable in rotation, safe and accurate.

Implement mechatronics.


The high-speed tablet press adopts frequency conversion technology, which replaces the mechanical speed regulation of the stepless speed regulation motor. The advantage of frequency conversion speed regulation is that the energy saving and consumption reduction control is reliable and stable, and the noise is small.


The inverter itself has a number of protection functions such as over-voltage, low-voltage and over-current. The actuator can be monitored in real time through the output parameters. Once an abnormality occurs, the protection function will actuate the inverter to control the main motor to stop running, and at the same time, the fault code will be displayed to indicate the cause of the fault. It ensures the safe and reliable work of the motor.


Regularly check the parts. The inspection items are carried out 1-2 times a month for the worm gear, worm, bearing, pressure roller, crankshaft, upper and lower guide rails and other moving parts for flexible rotation and wear. If defects are found, they should be repaired and used in time.

The high-speed tablet press should take out the remaining powder after one use or stop work, and brush off the residual powder in the name of the high-speed tablet press. The smooth surface of the tablet press is coated with anti-rust oil and covered with a cloth.

The maintenance of the dies should be placed in a covered iron box, so that the dies are all immersed in oil and kept clean to avoid rust and bumps. The iron box can be customized and packed in one box of each specification to avoid wrong installation during use. And help to grasp the defect situation.


The place of use should be cleaned frequently, especially for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and edible tablets, and there should be no lime sand and flying dust.


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