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These 3 points affect the working conditions of the vacuum freeze dryer

July 28, 2022

Traditional drying can cause the material to shrink, destroying cells. The structure of the sample is not destroyed during the freeze-drying process because the solid components are supported by the solid ice in their place. As ice sublimates, it leaves pores in the dry leftover material.


This preserves the integrity of the product's biological and chemical structure and its activity. The vacuum freeze dryer is the key equipment for the production of freeze-dried products. Every customer hopes that their equipment can operate stably for a long time without failure. In fact, its good working condition depends on the following three points: regular maintenance; emergency failure treatment; Scientific inspection system and problem handling process.

1. Regular maintenance. Any equipment needs regular maintenance, which is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and a reasonable maintenance plan and regulations can also reduce the equipment failure rate, so that the equipment can be put into production and operation in good working conditions, and Necessary maintenance will also be carried out after the equipment is out of production.

2. Emergency troubleshooting. The vacuum freeze dryer is like other equipment, some failures may not be completely avoided, so the emergency failure treatment process is very important. For example, in the face of unexpected failures such as power outages and failure of key equipment components, users who have a response plan and are usually skilled in drills can greatly reduce the losses caused by emergency failures, while those without emergency plans often The losses are relatively serious, and even lead to the scrapping of the entire batch of medicines.

3. Reasonable inspection system and problem handling process. In fact, most of the failures of the freeze dryer can be found and solved in advance during the inspection. The scientific daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection and annual inspection system can effectively find potential faults and risks, and cooperate with the routine fault handling process to avoid faults to a large extent.

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In the laboratory, lyophilization has many different uses, and it is indispensable in many biochemical and pharmaceutical applications. It is used to obtain long-term storage biological materials, such as microbial cultures, enzymes, blood, and pharmaceuticals, which retain their inherent biological activity and structure in addition to long-term storage stability. Therefore, the quality of its working conditions directly affects the quality of its performance!