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There are several factors that affect emulsification

June 29, 2022

1. Process formula. Different processes and formulations have a great influence on the emulsification of silicone oil, which determines the proportion of each raw material in the preparation process and the order of addition.

2. Emulsifier. The degree to which different emulsifiers change the product structure and the effect on the interfacial tension and the energy required to form the emulsion are also different.

3. Vacuum emulsifier equipment. Different emulsification equipment has different structural design, shear force and rotational speed, which greatly affects its emulsification effect.


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From the perspective of vacuum emulsifier, the factors affecting the effect of dispersion and emulsification are analyzed:

1. The structure of the emulsifier. Emulsifiers are generally divided into batch emulsifiers and pipeline emulsifiers. The pipeline emulsifier has better emulsification effect, and the material can be fully dispersed and emulsified with high efficiency. The high shear emulsifier adopts a pipeline emulsification method.

2. The shear rate of the vacuum emulsifier. The core parameter of the emulsification equipment is the shear rate. In general, the higher the shear rate, the better the dispersion and emulsification effect.


Of course, it also needs to be determined according to the specific material process. The emulsifier is accelerated by the belt, and the speed is as low as 9000rpm, which is the domestic 3 times the speed of the machine, and the high speed can reach 21,000rpm.

3. Processing time. The longer the material stays in the cavity, the better the corresponding dispersing and emulsifying effect, and the more processing times, the better the dispersing and emulsifying effect in general. The structure design of the emulsifier adopts a vertical split structure, and the running time is short.

4. The precision of the emulsification head. The traditional emulsifier adopts a single-layer emulsification head, which is rough in processing, while the na rice homogeneous emulsifier adopts a three-stage emulsification head, which has a smaller gap, a higher degree of fineness, and a better emulsification effect.