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There are seven frequently encountered faults in automatic powder packaging machines and their solutions

April 18, 2022

There are seven frequently encountered faults in automatic quantitative powder packaging machines and their solutions:

1. The automatic program cannot be started. First check whether the discharge cylinder is closed, and whether the position sensor is loose and in place when the cylinder is closed.


The position sensor is actually a reed switch, which is closed and opened by the annular permanent magnet in the cylinder. When the sensor position is incorrect, the magnetic weakening of the permanent magnet in the cylinder will cause the signal to run out of control, and the automatic program will not start.


When adjusting the position of the sensor is invalid, emergency treatment can be done: short-circuit the output line of the sensor, it does not affect the use actually.

2. The display value of the weight indicator is unstable, sometimes good and sometimes bad. First, the vibration phenomenon of the powder quantitative packaging machine should be eliminated, and the power supply voltage of the +5V system should be checked for stability and whether the body grounding resistance meets the requirements.

3. The weight of the blanking material is unstable, and the phenomenon of out-of-tolerance is serious. There is an oil storage cup in the triple piece, and the air source passes through the oil cup to drive the lubricating oil into each cylinder and the reversing valve.


The main function is to lubricate the cylinder body and strengthen the sealing performance. When the oil circuit is blocked, it will cause dry grinding of the cylinder sealing rubber gasket and the cylinder body, resulting in damage, resulting in air leakage and affecting the feeding stroke of the cylinder at all levels.


Clear the oil circuit. In addition, the triple piece is also provided with an oil volume adjustment screw. If the adjustment is too large, the lubricating oil will be directly discharged and wasted; if it is too small, it will not work. The specific adjustment should be about a cup of oil every 7 days.



latest company news about There are seven frequently encountered faults in automatic powder packaging machines and their solutions

4. There is a lack of a certain level of feeding process in the discharging process. When a certain level of feeding process is missing during the blanking process, the position of the main cylinder should be carefully observed. Q1, Q2, Q3, and the electrical reversing valve control the potential of the air source to the main cylinder respectively, and the corresponding replacement should be checked according to the fault phenomenon.


To the valve, Q1, Q2, Q3, are responsible for the supply of the gas source in the first, second and third stage feeding process. When replacing the reversing valve, its two working states should be turned to the "0" position.


After eliminating the cause of the reversing valve, enter a check signal interface circuit, the respective signals are output from the photocoupler to the control triode, and the parameters are Darlington tubes with BV>60V, Zcm>3A, Pcm>40W.

5. Hopper funnel sugar. The leakage of sugar in the hopper is directly related to the failure of the feeding mechanism. Clear the sugar accumulation in the hopper, observe whether the feeding cylinder is in place, and whether there is sugar accumulation in the closing valve.


If the above are normal, check whether the sealing of the discharge cylinder is good. There is a damping adjustment screw at the lower part of the cylinder.


When the adjustment screw air hole is blocked, there will be a delay in closing the door and sugar leakage will occur. After the air holes are cleared, the adjustment method is: close the door in time, the response time should be short, and good damping should be ensured.


Otherwise, the door closing mechanism will impact the hopper excessively, resulting in unstable digital display and rapid wear of the manipulator.

6. The bag clamping mechanism does not move. It means that the electrical switching valve is not working properly. When the air pressure of the air source is normal, first check whether the coil voltage (24V) of the switching valve can be controlled.


If the electrical switching is normal, the switching valve is faulty and should be replaced. If it cannot be switched, The corresponding maintenance process is the bag clamp switch, the reversing valve control triode, and the two-way trigger (CD4013) photocoupler.

7. After the switch tube of the power supply part of the automatic quantitative powder packaging machine is damaged, three 7824 three-terminal voltage regulator integrated blocks can be used in parallel to form a typical power supply form.




The automatic quantitative powder packaging machine has limited heat dissipation conditions for the 5 electric reversing valve control pipes, and it is recommended to add an aluminum heat sink. When replacing the reversing valve coil, a diode should also be welded to prevent the back EMF from breaking down the control tube

The above is today's sharing of the seven frequently encountered faults and their handling methods of the automatic quantitative powder packaging machine. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to use this equipment in the future.



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latest company news about There are seven frequently encountered faults in automatic powder packaging machines and their solutions