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The working principle and seven processes of the fully automatic capping machine

March 1, 2021

The automatic capping machine is also known as "automatic capping and capping machine" and "plastic capping machine", mainly for the process of bottled liquid filling and capping or capping and capping machine.

latest company news about The working principle and seven processes of the fully automatic capping machine

The working principle of the automatic capping machine: the caps are stored in the lower hopper, and transferred to the capping opening through the frequency conversion lifting belt. The capping function is realized by two synchronous clamping belts and three groups of six capping wheels, and the capping function is adjusted by mechanical torque. Function, so that the capping is just right.

  The working principle and flow of the fully automatic capping machine:

   1. Unscramble bottles, use a rotary unscrambler to neatly lay out the messy empty bottles and send them to the conveyor belt until the empty bottles are blocked by the chuck under the filling head.

  2. Filling by the plunger pump. After the filling is completed, the chuck takes away the filled bottles and blocks the empty bottles at the same time.

  3. After the filling is completed, the bottle is sent to the stopper capping chuck station and we see it after entering the station chuck.

4. The manipulator sucks up the inner plug and presses it into the bottle mouth. Here, the friends may have to ask "How did the inner plug come from?" We can see that a large vibrating plate will stack the inner plugs neatly one by one. Sent into the chute for the manipulator to take and use.

  5. When the bottle passes the lid-hanging head, the lid is hung. The same lid is also sorted by a vibrating plate and sent into the slideway and finally slides into the lid-hanging head. Next, let’s look at the lock part.

  6. After hanging the cap, the capping hammer presses the cap to the bottom. The cap-locking head uses the claw knife to roll the cap and the bottle body into one. The whole process is like this. Although the products may be different, it is basically the working principle of this capping machine.

  7. The automatic capping machine can not only fill liquids, but also small bottles of liquids such as injections, disinfectants, various oral liquids, essential oils, cod liver oil, etc., can be filled and locked.

The four speed-regulating motors of the fully automatic capping machine are used for capping, bottle clamping, conveying and capping respectively. The machine has high degree of automation, good stability, and convenient adjustment. No spare parts are needed when changing bottle shapes or caps. Just make adjustments. It can be completed (if equipped with a feeding machine, the lid can be automatically sent to the vibrating plate).