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company news about The working accuracy of the automatic counting machine is determined by the following factors

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Company News
The working accuracy of the automatic counting machine is determined by the following factors
Latest company news about The working accuracy of the automatic counting machine is determined by the following factors

The automatic counting machine relies on photoelectric sensors for counting. A pair of components of the photoelectric sensor are respectively placed on the opposite sides of the counting channel, one end is the light signal transmitting end, and the other end is the signal receiving end, which receives the beam emitted by the former.


When the particles pass through the counting channel, the light beam is blocked, and the photoelectric sensor generates an electrical pulse signal.


When working, pour the medicine particles into the top hopper, and adjust the primary, intermediate and final stage vibrating feeders appropriately, so that the piled medicine particles in the hopper gradually slide down to the blanking port along the vibrating groove plate into a continuous strip.


Then the drop detection channel one by one adopts the principle of photoelectric effect to input the working signal generated by the infrared dynamic scanning sensor to the FPGA high-speed microprocessor when the medicine particles fall, and realizes the counting function through the cooperation of the circuit and the program.

Let's briefly talk about several factors that affect the accuracy of the automatic particle counting machine.

1. Human factors
The operator did not preheat the machine before starting the machine according to the operating procedures. Or during the operation of the machine, the operator does not replenish the material in the silo in time, which affects the separation state of the material on the oscillating plate, which will lead to inaccurate product counts.

Second, the machine factor

For example, the design of the silo does not take into account the change of gravity, which will affect the fluidity of the material in the oscillating plate and the sorting of the material; the drop between the memory baffle and the falling shield is too large, and the falling time of the material is too long.


The material rotates in the shedding shield and cannot fall into the packaging bottle in time, resulting in inaccurate number of grains; the shedding shield of the automatic grain counting machine is made of plexiglass material, and the material is in the shield when it falls freely from the detection channel.


latest company news about The working accuracy of the automatic counting machine is determined by the following factors  0


High-speed rotating friction generates static electricity, or some traditional Chinese medicine ingredients also generate static electricity during the friction process. The material is adsorbed on the falling shield to reduce the effective number of falling into the bottle, which will also cause the number of particles to be inaccurate.

In addition, when installing and adjusting the machine, the horizontal adjustment of the oscillating plate is tilted forward, so that the material naturally slides into the detection channel when the oscillating plate stops vibrating, which will also cause false counts.

3. Material factors
The three-stage oscillating plate for the production of capsules, tablets and pills is set to oscillate at a completely different frequency. Or in the production of tablets and capsules, due to the large amount of dust in the material, the accumulation of dust in the detection channel blocks the infrared rays, so that the counting circuit cannot work normally.

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