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The double-sided labeling machine has driven the long-term development of the industry with the following advantages

August 23, 2022

Double-sided labeling machines are widely used in various fields. Many manufacturers choose modern labeling machines to put labels on their products.

In addition to the above-mentioned "automatic calculation of label length" function, the double-sided labeling machine should also automatically adjust the speed of the conveyor belt, the speed of labeling, the length of labeling, etc., which is also the difference from the traditional double-sided labeling machine. 


but also the guarantee of labeling quality stability. The control speed of the traditional double-sided labeling machine is adjusted by human experience, and the difficulty of manual adjustment is that all actions are difficult to synchronize. Without synchronization, the labeling process will change frequently, resulting in poor labeling quality.

Advantages of double-sided labeling machine:

1. A wide range of applications, which can meet the product flat labeling and self-adhesive film with a product width of 30mm to 350mm, and the replacement of the labeling mechanism can meet the labeling of uneven surfaces;

2. High labeling accuracy, subdivided stepper motor or servo motor drives the label to send the label; the design of the label wrapping rectification mechanism ensures that the label does not deviate from left to right during the pulling process; the eccentric wheel technology is applied to the pulling mechanism, pulling the label No slippage, ensure the bid;

3. Sturdy and durable, three-bar adjustment mechanism is adopted to make full use of the stability of the triangle, and the whole machine is sturdy and durable;

4. High stability, the electronic control system composed of Panasonic PLC + Panasonic touch screen + Panasonic needle-shaped electric eye + German Leuze label electric eye, supports the operation of the equipment 7 × 24 hours;

5. The adjustment is simple, the design of 6 degrees of freedom adjustable adjustment seat, the conversion between different products becomes simple and time-saving;

6. The application is flexible, it can be produced by a single machine or connected to an assembly line, and the layout of the production site is simple;

7. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no labeling, no label automatic correction and label automatic detection function, to prevent missing stickers and label waste.

The double-sided labeling machine drives the long-term development of the labeling machine, and it also enhances the operation ability of the labeling machine in the assembly line, and at the same time enhances the market competitiveness. Compared with the traditional form of labeling machine, most of them are controlled by mechanical form.


With the improvement of the packaging process of goods, the automatic printing and labeling machine is also constantly improving in the customization requirements. From the original control system to today's full automation and integration of these advanced technologies, the improvement is the overall performance of the labeling machine.


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