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The difference between freeze dryer and adsorption dryer

April 10, 2019


1. Different working principles


The cooling dryer is based on the principle of freezing dehumidification, will come from the upstream saturated compressed air through the heat exchange with the refrigerant cooling to a certain dew point temperature, condensate out a large number of liquid water, after the separation of gas-liquid separator automatic discharge of the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of water drying.The suction machine is based on the pressure swing adsorption principle, will come from the upstream saturated compressed air under a certain pressure through contact with the desiccant, the vast majority of moisture adsorption in the desiccant, dry air into the downstream work, so as to achieve the purpose of deep drying.


2. Different dehydrating effects


Because of the principle of the cold dryer, if the temperature is too low, there will be icing phenomenon, so its dew point temperature is usually 2~10℃.The suction dryer because there is no need to change through the temperature, and the desiccant (alumina) can carry out deep drying, so usually its outlet dewpoint temperature can reach -20℃ below, that is to say, can achieve deep drying.


3 differences in energy loss


For the cooling and drying machine, because of the refrigerant compression work to achieve the purpose of cooling, so in the power supply will be on the high side.And suction machine because only through the electric control box to control the valve, so usually only tens of watts of power, that is to say, there will be no loss of electricity.


4 different gas loss


Because the cooling dryer is through the temperature to achieve the purpose of eliminating water, water is discharged through the automatic drainage machine, so there is no loss of air volume.And suction dryer because desiccant in water absorption after saturation needs to regenerate, because some need to have 12-15% of the re - gas loss.


5. Different failure rates


Because the refrigerant system and air system including electrical parts of the cold dryer are relatively complex, and the suction dryer is only due to frequent movement of the valve is likely to fail, so in general, the failure rate of the suction dryer is lower than the cold dryer.