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Technical Characteristics Of Filling Machine

January 15, 2021

At present, the filling machine has reached the level of automation in the production line. Widely used, its production line is divided into multi-station operations, so what are its technical characteristics?

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 The automatic filling machine is an empty bottle passed from the bottle conveying line. After the bottle-in wheel mechanism, no empty bottles are accurately sent to the turntable, and the empty bottles rotate immediately. At the same time, the empty bottle is lifted by the soft support mechanism, and the bottle mouth is automatically opened for filling after contact with the filling valve. After filling, the bottle is automatically pulled out and enters the bottle conveyor line, and the whole process ends. The machine is equipped with automatic protection devices. If the bottle is blocked, the machine will automatically stop to ensure personal safety.

   1. With automatic protection: equipped with an overload clutch protection device, it will automatically stop when an abnormality occurs.

  2. Automatic control of the liquid level: the float level control device is used to control the stability of the liquid level.

  3. Electric adjustment: electric synchronous continuous stepless adjustment and quantification, displayed by the LCD digital display.

  The filling machine equipment industry will follow the trend of industrial automation and develop in the direction of functional diversification, structural design standardization and modularization, intelligent control and high-precision structure. The above is a brief introduction to the technical characteristics of the filling machine. You must choose the equipment that suits you. You can consult the manufacturer for details.