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company news about Talking about the working process of high-speed tablet press

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Company News
Talking about the working process of high-speed tablet press
Latest company news about Talking about the working process of high-speed tablet press

The high-speed tablet press adopts frequency conversion technology, which replaces the mechanical speed regulation of the stepless speed regulation motor. The advantages of frequency conversion speed regulation are energy saving and consumption reduction, reliable control, stable operation and low noise.


The inverter itself has a number of protection functions such as overvoltage, low voltage and overcurrent. The actuator can be monitored in real time through the output parameters. Once an abnormality occurs, the protection function will be activated, and the inverter of the high-speed tablet press will control the main motor to stop running.


At the same time, the fault code is displayed to indicate the cause of the fault, which further ensures the safe and reliable operation of the motor.


latest company news about Talking about the working process of high-speed tablet press  0

Tableting machine


The whole high-speed tablet press is made of stainless steel by precision machining. The support frame is made of aluminum alloy. The upper and lower parts can be disassembled independently for easy transportation.


The studio is sealed by a fully transparent plexiglass cover, which can effectively prevent mosquitoes, dust, clean and beautiful, the working conditions are clear at a glance, and the waste is easy to clean, fully complying with the national GMP production standards. The glass cover can be easily removed when removing residual powder and waste.


The work flow of the high-speed tablet press includes feeding, quantitative, pre-pressing, main pressing and forming, and tableting. The upper and lower punches are driven by the punching disc to move from left to right along the upper and lower guide rails respectively. When the punch rod moves to the feeding section, the upper punch rod moves upward to bypass the forced feeder, and at the same time, the lower punch rod moves down through the pull-down guide rail.


At this time, the lower punch of the high-speed tablet press and the inner hole of the middle die form a cavity, and the material is stirred and filled into the cavity by the forced feeding impeller. When the cam gradually moves upward, the excess material is pushed out of the middle die. hole and enter the quantitative section.


In the quantitative section, the excess material is scraped off to ensure that the filling amount of the material in each middle die hole is consistent.


In order to prevent the material in the die hole in the high-speed tablet press from being thrown out, a pressing plate is installed after the quantitative scraper.


The lower punch is pulled down by the filling protection guide rail, and the upper punch is also moved downward by the lower pressing cam. When the middle die hole moves out of the pressing plate, the upper punch enters the middle die hole to complete the tablet pressing.


When the punching rod passes through the tablet ejecting cam, the upper punching bar moves up, and the lower punching bar pushes up to push out the pressed tablets, and the tablet enters the tableting device through the tableting baffle to complete the entire tableting process.


Each time the punching plate rotates one circle, each group of punching dies can complete the tableting work flow of the high-speed tableting machine twice.


The above is the industry sharing about high-speed tablet presses, I hope everyone can like it.

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