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Talking about the technological process of tablet press

July 21, 2022

The tablet press die is an important part of the tablet press, also known as the tablet press die in the industry. A pair of tablet press molds are divided into three parts: upper punching die, middle punching die and lower punching die.


The punching dies we manufacture include round, special, rotary, single, etc., and each process includes many years of technical experience in material, heat treatment, grinding, polishing, etc.


latest company news about Talking about the technological process of tablet press

Tableting machine


Especially in the selection of materials, imported steel is specially selected to improve the quality of the mold. In terms of technical specifications, always adhere to manufacturing standards.


The tablet press mold is assembled on the tablet press and is suitable for pressing Chinese and Western medicine tablets, nutrient tablets, lozenges, spirulina tablets, milk tablets, vitamin C effervescent tablets, effervescent tablets, seasoning blocks, mothballs (sanitary balls), Aromatic balls, disinfection tablets, fertilizer tablets, bath salt balls, button batteries, electronic components, metallurgical powder ceramic particles.


The process of the tablet press:


The working process of the tablet press can be divided into the following steps: the punch part of the lower punch (its working position is upward) extends into the middle die hole from the lower end of the middle die hole, and seals the bottom of the middle die hole;


The die hole is filled with medicine; the punch part of the upper punch (its working position is downward) falls into the middle die hole from the upper end of the middle die hole, and travels downward to compress the medicine powder into tablets.


The punch lifts the exit hole. The lower punch rises to push the tablet out of the middle die hole to complete a tableting process; the lower punch descends to its original position, ready for the next filling.


Tablet press is a pharmaceutical equipment with a long history of production in my country, and it is also exported early and has a large output. It can press round, lettering, special-shaped, double-layered, multi-layered, ring-shaped, and packaged chips. The number, variety, specification and output of tablet press manufacturers rank first in the world.


The above is the industry sharing about tablet presses, I hope everyone can like it.