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company news about Table high speed centrifuge 4 common failures

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Company News
Table high speed centrifuge 4 common failures
Latest company news about Table high speed centrifuge 4 common failures

In addition to being widely used in manufacturing process, bench type high speed centrifuges can also be widely used in laboratory.At present, the equipment is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology and other fields. It is a necessary instrument for centrifugal separation in hospitals, scientific research institutions and universities at all levels.
The industry said, compared with the same kind of foreign products, the domestic desktop centrifuge has greater room for progress.It is understood that in addition to the imported desktop high-speed centrifuge with a large smart display, intelligent centrifugal expert software, remote monitoring and other performance, its design, high efficiency, can reduce resonance, prevent noise problems.
With the continuous development of centrifugal technology in China, the domestic benchtop high-speed centrifuge is also making progress. At present, there is no lack of some medium and medium centrifuge equipment in the market, which has the advantages of stable operation, small volume, beautiful shape, low temperature rise, high efficiency and wide applicability.
However, in the use of the table high speed centrifuge process, many in the industry said that there will be motor failure, or less than the rated speed, low speed gear can not start, and noise problems.To grasp the common faults of the equipment and the corresponding solutions in advance is conducive to dealing with the faults in time and resuming production or experiment as soon as possible.
So, what are the common failures of desktop high speed centrifuges?How to deal with it?Related technical personnel listed the following common problems and corresponding solutions, hoping to help users.
Problem one, the table high speed centrifuge after power, the motor does not turn.The motor is equivalent to the engine of the whole equipment, which cannot run without rotating the subsequent operation.
In this case, it is generally necessary to check the power cord, plug and socket first. If there is any damage, it should be replaced. If there is no problem, check whether the band switch or rheostat is damaged or the connection is excused.If damaged or excused, replace the damaged component and reweld the connection;If there is no problem, check whether the magnetic field coil of the motor is broken or broken (inside). If the coil is broken, it can be rewelded.If the circuit is broken inside the coil, the coil can only be rewound.
Problem two, table high speed centrifuge motor has run, but the speed is not up to the rated speed, what is the reason for this situation?What to do?
Technical personnel suggest that the user can first check the bearing, such as the bearing damage to replace the bearing;If there is a lack of oil or too much dirt inside the bearing, the bearing should be cleaned and lubricated.
In addition, it is necessary to check whether the surface of the commutator is abnormal, or whether the brush matches with the surface of the commutator. When the surface of the commutator is abnormal, if there is a layer of oxide, it can be polished with fine sandpaper.If the commutator does not match the brush, it should be adjusted to a good contact state.
If the above problems are eliminated, the user needs to check whether there is a short circuit in the rotor coil. If there is, the coil should be rewound.
Problem three: when the weather is cold, the low speed gear of the table high speed centrifuge cannot start.This condition is mainly affected by the weather, can be oil solidification or oil deterioration dry stick.At the beginning, you can use your hands to help re-rotate or re-oiling after cleaning.
Problem four, table high speed centrifuge vibration is obvious, noise is big.Industry advice is to check for imbalances first.In addition, check whether the screw of the fixing machine is loose or not, and if so, fix it tightly;Check the bearing for damage or bending and replace the bearing if any.If friction occurs due to deformation or incorrect position of the machine housing, it needs to be adjusted.

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