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Structure principle and application of filling machine

April 29, 2019


Filling machine is mainly a small category of products in the packaging machine, from the perspective of material packaging can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, particle filling machine;From the degree of automation production is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and automatic filling line.Filling machine can not only improve labor productivity, reduce product loss, ensure packaging quality, but also reduce the mutual pollution between production environment and packed materials.Therefore, the modern packaging industry is generally using mechanized filling machine, the following analysis of the filling machine mechanism principle and typical configuration.



structural principle


The filling machine mainly consists of three parts: storage tank, filling machine and frequency control belt.


Storage tank storage tank is located in the upper part of the machine, is an atmospheric pressure tank with a liquid level sensor and feeding electromagnetic valve.The feed liquid sent from the previous process is put into the tank through the solenoid valve. When it reaches the appropriate level, the signal is sent by the liquid level sensor. The solenoid valve is controlled by the electrical control part to close and stop the feed.The lower part of the storage tank has an outlet connected with the suction pipe of the filling machine through the pipe. When the machine works, the liquid in the storage tank is pumped into the piston cylinder, and then filled into the bottle through the nozzle.


Filling machine filling machine is the main device to complete the filling action, the front of the main machine is equipped with a number of filling head, each side is equipped with pumping cylinder, each cylinder corresponds to a filling head.The liquid in the storage tank is pumped into the cylinder, which is then pressed out and poured into the corresponding bottle through the filling head.Filling head has a miniature cylinder drive a small piston to open and close the nozzle of filling head, play the role of valve.The whole filling head can rise and fall.When the filling is about to start, insert the nozzle into the bottle, open the small piston at a certain distance from the bottom of the bottle and start to fill liquid. The filling head fills and rises at the same time. When the filling is finished, close the nozzle and rise to the position of the bottle mouth.On both sides of the filling platform, there are two stop rods driven by two small cylinders, one at the bottle entrance and the other at the bottle exit. Their function is to position the bottle accurately together with the bottle mouth clamping device on the filling platform, so that the nozzle is exactly aligned with the bottle mouth.


Conveyor belt the conveyor belt motor is controlled by frequency converter to realize stepless speed change and achieve the purpose of economic operation of the system.After the motor starts, the inlet cylinder retracts, and empty bottles are fed from the conveyor belt to start bottle feeding.The outlet cylinder is then extended and the empty bottle is blocked by the outlet lever.The photoelectric switch is set at the bottle inlet to detect the number of bottles. When the number detected is the same as the number of filling head, the inlet cylinder is extended to block the inlet from entering the bottle, and the motor of the conveyor belt stops.At this point, the filling head drops to the top of the bottle to start filling.After filling, the filling head rises, the outlet cylinder retracted, and the motor of the conveyor belt starts to rotate again to send out the filled bottles. Then, the inlet cylinder retracted, and the photoelectric switch starts to detect the number of bottles.