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Some technical details of vacuum emulsifier

June 30, 2022

Some technical details of vacuum emulsifier
Vacuum emulsifier equipment is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and new materials and other fields. More and more domestic manufacturers have begun to mass produce vacuum emulsification equipment.


This commonly used vacuum mixing equipment has good mixing and emulsification effect, low production energy consumption, and good finished product effect, which brings high benefits to the mixing work in the application industry.


The equipment is a kind of non-standard equipment with strong technical force and different manufacturers.


Due to different technical levels, the quality of the equipment produced is uneven, which directly affects the working efficiency of the vacuum emulsifier and causes waste of electric energy. The specific can be traced back to Lots of technical details.

1. Design: A mature technical team, the technical level is the key factor to determine the quality and work efficiency of the machine, a reasonable design can significantly improve the performance and quality of the machine, reduce manufacturing costs, labor costs

2. Processing: It is the main part of the production process.

3. Assembly: Mechanical assembly is an important part of machine manufacturing, and the quality of assembly work plays a very important role in the performance of the machine.

4. Selection of accessories: Non-standard products are very flexible in the selection of accessories. According to the different needs of customers, choose appropriate accessories, and through reasonable design and processing, the machine can achieve good performance.


latest company news about Some technical details of vacuum emulsifier

The vacuum emulsifier with good quality adopts a foreign water circulation type homogeneous sealing structure, which can overcome the problem of ordinary sealing leakage, and will not burn the sealing ring in the state of high viscosity or no material; it is easy to operate, and the emulsification and homogenization effect is also excellent.


It will be better; the homogenizing motor is two-speed, the low speed is 1500 rpm for low-speed homogeneous discharge, and the high-speed is 3300 rpm for highly homogeneous discharge; continuous work has a relatively large processing capacity and can be cycled and homogenized It is convenient and quick to discharge;


it is equipped with a CIP cleaning system through the external circulation pipeline, so that the emulsifier can be automatically cleaned, which is hygienic and convenient.