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company news about Six Requirements of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine on Equipment

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I really don't know how to thank you, you are my angel, Thank you very much. Super Fine Pulverizing this one is faster than other same power machine and is easy to operate and repaired.

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Company News
Six Requirements of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine on Equipment
Latest company news about Six Requirements of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine on Equipment

The full-automatic capsule filling machine integrates machine, electricity and gas, and completes capsule sowing, capsule separation, capsule filling and capsule locking respectively, with beautiful appearance. The traditional method of seeding capsules is cancelled, which greatly improves the productivity of the capsule filling machine.


The capsule has a high rate of use and is easy to operate. Parameter frequency converter is adopted. According to the different fluidity of drugs, invalid speed regulation can be adopted for the feeding screw slurry and the filling rotary table. The stability of filling dose is ensured. Use the capsule cap set plate randomly prepared and place it on the capsule cap joint plate. It has alignment holes and is easy to place. Turn over the capsule cap joint plate, make the capsule opening face down, and cover it on the joint plate of the powder loaded capsule shell. There are also alignment holes, which are easy to cover.

Why is it that after the capsule shell is put in, the full automatic capsule filling machine can automatically turn the positive and negative capsule shells into uniform ones and fall into the module when it is running? What is the principle?


The capsule shell is corrected by the correction block. Because the diameter of the capsule cap is larger than the capsule body, the nest of the correction block just blocks the capsule cap. Through the resistance effect, the pushed capsule body is not stuck without resistance, so the pushed capsule body will be in front, and then the capsule will be pushed into the mold through the lower capsule plate. Also, if the tolerance difference between the capsule cap and the correction block is too large, the capsule will not fall off!

Six requirements for equipment of full-automatic capsule filling machine:
1、 The inner surface of the full automatic capsule filling machine in contact with the materials is subject to mirror polishing, and the outer surface is subject to matt treatment.

2、 All concave and convex parts on the internal and external surfaces of the full-automatic capsule filling machine adopt arc transition or chamfer transition of no less than 135 degrees.

3、 It is equipped with all relevant material delivery pipelines and quick connectors from the outlet of the feeding barrel of the user's capsule filling machine to the receiving barrel of the finished capsule product. The whole process is in a sealed delivery state.

4、 The equipment shall be equipped with capsule polishing equipment, vacuum system and dedusting device matched with the host capacity. The vacuum system adopts the water ring vacuum pump unit, which must be provided with the quick installation interface and connecting pipe that are matched with the capsule filling machine. All parts are connected in the form of quick installation and easy cleaning.

5、 The air extraction capacity of the dust remover of the full-automatic capsule filling machine matches the large production capacity of the capsule filling machine; Equipped with corresponding medium and low efficiency filter; The material of the vacuum filter bag is anti-static, does not shed fibers, is easy to clean, and can be reused; All parts shall be connected in the form of quick assembly and easy cleaning.

6、 The connection structure between all equipment and the ground of the relevant plant must be designed so as not to damage the plant facilities, and be easy to clean and maintain.

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