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Share the oil change standard and replacement steps of the freeze dryer

May 18, 2022

The refrigeration system of the air-cooled condenser requires regular cleaning of the cooling fins to remove dust and dirt. One with a nozzle brush can be used, being careful not to damage or bend the fins. Cavities and shelf surfaces must be kept clean. It must be cleaned after each run to ensure that spilled product, corks and broken glass are removed.


Use extreme care with thermocouple wires and jacks. A preventative maintenance program helps ensure that all scheduled maintenance items are carried out according to the recommended schedule, which will help keep your freeze dryer running at high performance.

It is a good exercise to confirm equipment cleaning before each cycle begins, especially when there are many users in a laboratory environment, stainless steel surfaces can be safely cleaned with most alcohols, but care should be taken around clear acrylic doors because Some cleaning solvents can corrode and crack such doors. In cases where organic solvents are used in the product, extra care must be taken after circulation to prevent molten condensate from lodged on the condenser door.


latest company news about Share the oil change standard and replacement steps of the freeze dryer
Take appropriate measures to remove condensate. If the acid is lyophilized during this process, a neutralization step needs to be performed by spraying the chamber with pH buffer.

The oil change standard of the freeze dryer is as follows:

1. According to the length of use; the length of each use can be counted and a reference oil change time standard can be obtained, which will be used in the future;

2. Listen to the noise when the vacuum pump is running and whether the running sound is abnormal;

3. The intuitive way is to observe the color of the oil in the current pump through the window at the rear of the vacuum pump. If it becomes more turbid with color, the pump oil needs to be replaced in time.

Replacing steps:

1. Unplug the power cord connecting the pump and the main unit of the freeze dryer from the rear of the main unit;

2. Loosen and remove the clamp at one end of the large thick pipe connecting the pump to the freeze dryer, and carefully pick up the interface gasket below it from the pump port and put it aside;

3. Lift the pump and prepare the oil changing tools (basin, bottle, tape, inner hexagon tool bag with mid-infrared band, funnel, pump oil, etc.);

4. Unscrew the screw of the oil drain hole counterclockwise, and use a bottle to catch the old oil to prevent the screw from rushing into the bottle;

5. Pour out the old oil in the pump, clean the screw of the oil drain hole, wrap it with new raw tape, and then re-tighten it with the hexagon socket head screw, because it is slippery, so just screw it tightly;

6. Unscrew the screw of the oil filling hole on the upper surface of the pump, and pour a proper amount of new oil. Pay attention to observe whether there is oil leakage at the oil drain hole. If there is no leakage, continue to pour oil until it reaches the middle of the two marking lines of the window;

7. Screw on the oil injection hole screw, lift the pump to its original position, and reconnect the suction pipe to the pump, paying attention to put the gasket on first;

8. Connect the power cord to the main unit of the vacuum freeze dryer;

9. Turn on the host, enter the vacuuming interface, click the vacuum pump button on the interface, and then turn on the pump power switch;

10. The sound of the pump is relatively loud in the first few minutes of vacuuming. Soon after a large amount of air is pumped out, the sound will become smaller. When the oil quality is relatively good, the noise of the vacuum pump is not large. During operation, pay attention to observe whether the rear of the pump leaks oil. 


Application of  freeze dryer

Freeze dryers are widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, biological research, chemical, food and other fields.

latest company news about Share the oil change standard and replacement steps of the freeze dryer