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Several advantages of polishing machine

May 12, 2021


There were many problems in the operation of the previous generations of polishing machines. After recent national technological and economic developments, today's polishing machines not only solve the original defects, but also have many advantages;


1. The use of air cylinders for weight is more convenient and faster for customers to save time. Can only use the traditional method of weight loss.

2. Imported bearings and motors are used to ensure the stability and durability of the equipment. It also satisfies the precision requirements for its workpieces.

3. Frequency conversion control, realize soft start, soft stop, small impact force, reduce workpiece damage.

4. Cooperate with the high-precision face-repairing device to ensure the stability of batch processing of some high-precision workpieces, which greatly saves time.

5. With the automatic spray system of grinding liquid, the grinding liquid can be evenly sprayed on the grinding disc. Reduce the grinding time, save the cost of consumables, and meet the requirements of the environment.