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Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

February 24, 2021

​The main purpose of the capsule filling machine

It is suitable for medium and small pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, and hospitals for medium batch production. Ordinary skilled workers can process 70,000 to 100,000 capsules per day. If 2-3 units are used at the same time, it is also suitable for mass production.

latest company news about Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The capsule filling machine has fast filling speed and small size difference. This machine integrates the three steps of packing powder capsule shell, filling materials, and capsule locking into one. The structure is compact and convenient, the exterior is exquisite and beautiful, the material is real and it conforms to the GMP standard.


Overview of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

Semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a new type of medical packaging machine with novel structure and beautiful shape. The machine adopts electric and pneumatic combined control, equipped with electronic automatic counting device and speed regulating device, which can respectively complete the positioning, separation, filling, and locking actions of the capsule, instead of manual filling, reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency, and filling dosage Accurate and meet the requirements of pharmaceutical hygiene.


This machine is sensitive in action, accurate in filling dosage and easy to operate. It is suitable for filling various domestic or imported capsules. It is an economical and practical equipment for filling capsule drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. This machine is composed of a bag-feeding and U-turn separation mechanism, a medicine filling mechanism, a locking mechanism, a frequency conversion speed regulating mechanism, a pneumatic control and electrical control system, a protection device and other components, as well as vacuum pump and air pump accessories. Both domestic and imported machine-made capsules are applicable, and the qualified rate of finished products reaches over 97%.