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company news about Safety operation rules of automatic filling machine

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Company News
Safety operation rules of automatic filling machine
Latest company news about Safety operation rules of automatic filling machine

Mechanized production has improved the production efficiency of our enterprise and increased the production scale of the enterprise. We also cannot ignore the importance of safe operation during production operations.


Many news reports of factory explosions, fires, casualties and other incidents have to make us reflect on the importance of safe operation. Today, the editor of Zhongheng Weighing Instrument will sort out the safety operation rules of the automatic liquid filling machine for you.


1. Basic parameters:

1. Check before use: After the machine is installed, turn on the power supply, test the three-phase motor, ensure the correct running direction, ensure the pressure and flow of compressed air, check whether each motor, bearing, etc. need to be lubricated, and oil-free operation is strictly prohibited , the machine can be started after it is normal, and at the same time, observe whether the fasteners of each part are loose, and can only be used normally after the operation of each part is stable;


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2. Check whether the safety facilities function normally;


3. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether all the water tanks have water, whether the chain plates are stuck, whether there are sundries on the conveyor belt, whether there are bottle caps in the lid box, whether there are several buckets of water, power, and gas sources, wait for each kick.


After you press Ready, turn on the main power, the power indicator is on, the fault indicator and emergency stop indicator are not on, then the starting conditions are met, press the start button on the control box and the start switch at the filling place, and the buzzer will sound three times.


After the sound warning, the whole machine starts running, and enters the automatic working mode of external washing, flushing and filling. When the machine stops, press the stop button at the filling place and the control box to stop the main power supply.


Second, the use of safety rules:

1. There is no foreign matter (such as tools, rags, etc.) in the liquid filling machine equipment;


2. The liquid filling machine is not allowed to have abnormal noise (if any, it should be stopped immediately and check the reason);


3. All protective objects should be safe and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to wear foreign objects that may be caught by moving parts (such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc.);


4. Operators with long hair should wear a hair cover;


5. Do not clean the electrical unit with water and other liquids;


6. Wear work clothes, gloves and eyes when cleaning to prevent corrosion by strong acid and alkali;


7. When it is running, someone must monitor it, and do not use tools or other objects to approach the machine;


8. Do not let people who have nothing to do with the operation approach the equipment.


Three, maintenance and maintenance:


1. Regular inspection and maintenance: The starting components such as cylinder, solenoid valve, speed control and electrical parts should be inspected every month. The inspection method can be checked by manual adjustment to check the quality and reliability of the action.


The cylinder mainly checks whether there is air leakage and jamming. The solenoid valve can be manually forced to act to check whether the solenoid coil is burnt and the valve is blocked. The electrical part may be input by comparison Output signal indicator light to check, such as checking whether the switching element is damaged, whether the line is disconnected, and whether each output element is working normally.


2. Routine construction and maintenance: whether the motor is running normally, whether the safety environment is normal, and whether the cooling system is abnormal. Whether there is abnormal vibration, abnormal sound; whether there is abnormal overheating or discoloration.


Fourth, matters needing attention:


1. The motor and chassis must be grounded, and the zero line and bottom line must be separated;


2. The power supply line of the machine must be introduced through the leakage switch;


3. Pneumatic three components require special pneumatic lubricating oil to prolong the service life of the cylinder;


4. It is strictly forbidden to operate without water. During the operation, pay attention to replenishing water in the alkaline water tank and the disinfection water tank, and at the same time ensure the supply of cleaning water;


Five, equipment cleaning requirements:

1. Clean the nozzles, pipes, conveyor belts and water tanks of the equipment before and after get off work every day;


2. Regularly clean the filling equipment and pipes with disinfectant water every week, and then rinse the equipment with process water after disinfection;


3. The operator should record and save the disinfection and cleaning process.


The automatic filling machine should be operated and maintained in strict accordance with the above safety operation procedures, so as to minimize our hidden dangers of accidents. Improve production safety and factory production efficiency.

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