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company news about Reveal the four misunderstandings of purchasing a tablet press

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Company News
Reveal the four misunderstandings of purchasing a tablet press
Latest company news about Reveal the four misunderstandings of purchasing a tablet press

Often people have some common misconceptions when choosing a tablet press. Through the disclosure of the following misunderstandings, I hope to point you in the right direction so that you can make better choices.

Misunderstanding 1

The performance of the same material in a laboratory tablet press is the same as that of a production tablet press. This rationale seems plausible, but there are many reasons why this understanding is wrong.


You must clearly recognize that there is a huge difference between the development process and the actual production process. And the many variations of these two types of tablet presses can potentially create problems.


The biggest possibility is that the tableting speed of the R&D tablet machine used in the laboratory is lower than that of the actual production tableting machine. The difference in the tableting speed will not only affect the hardness of the tablet, but also cause changes in the compression process.


When this type of problem occurs, production personnel usually increase the pressure, but the consequences of this can lead to damage to the mold or changes in the degree of tablet disintegration.

Differing sized molds and differently shaped tablets can also create challenges in the compression process. Say you have two similar tablet presses, one with a B die in the lab and one with a D die in the production shop.


Other accessories are the same, so is the final result of the two tablet presses the same? of course not. This is because different sized molds have different compression characteristics.


The factors that make the laboratory tablet press different from the production tablet press include: the structural design of the tablet press, the tableting speed, the compression ratio, the tablet shape, and the compression time. Awareness of these differences will help you overcome these difficulties when purchasing equipment.

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Misunderstanding 2

If you choose a high-speed tablet press, then you can produce at high speed. Practice has proved this to be wrong. The granules are very special in tableting, and each batch of granules has its own compression ratio that is required to be fixed.


This compression ratio will determine how fast you can run your tablet press for production and molding. If high pressure is required during production, you can reduce the tableting speed or improve the compression ratio of the granules. By exploring step by step, you will understand the relationship between them.


At the same time, please don't ignore the size of the mold, the mold also plays an important role in the whole set of tablet pressing equipment. For example, the pressure area of ​​the D-type mold is larger than that of the B-type mold.

If you run both presses at the same speed, the tablets produced with the D-die press will be harder. Using the theory from the R&D stage to learn and guide the conditions of each batch and compression ratio is the key to deciding which speed you want to operate your tablet press at.

Misunderstanding three

The feeder is the same for all tablet presses. This view is clearly wrong. Because different tablet presses use different feeders to continuously feed the material into the die. The inability of the material to flow continuously will greatly limit the tableting speed. Two different types of feeding systems are described below.

1. Open feeder: It is a common feeder and a basic feeder. Granules gradually fill the material into the die holes through the principle of gravity, and the good granule fluidity ensures the difference in tablet weight.

2. Closed feeder: During operation, the variable speed feeder feeds in two stages. In the first stage, the pellets are mechanically sent from the hopper to the storage bin of the feeder; in the second stage, the pellets in the storage bin are fed into the feeder to ensure uninterrupted feeding of the pellets to the die, reducing tablet weight difference.

Mistake 4

When choosing to buy a tablet press, you only need to think technically.

The problem is just as you would never buy a high-priced item based solely on the technical specifications, nor would you buy a tablet press based solely on the technical specifications.


Once you buy and install a tablet press, you think you have it all, which is wrong. You will also need technical support from the supplier of the tablet press.


So you need to have a good relationship with these people. Their expertise will be of great help to you in validating tablet presses and providing technical services. Building strong and friendly relationships with suppliers is the key to success.

The general pharmacy user must validate new machines, so it is important to evaluate the validation level provided by the supplier before purchasing a tablet press.


With the help of the supplier, the verification time can be shortened from weeks to days. Usually pharmaceutical users cannot start production before validation. The quality of after-sales service and the availability of accessories will also affect your purchasing results.


The reputation of the tablet press supplier, its reputation in the market, whether it can provide good and timely technical support, and whether problems can be solved in a timely manner are all things you need to consider before purchasing.


Application of tablet press machine

latest company news about Reveal the four misunderstandings of purchasing a tablet press  1


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