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company news about Precautions for the use of high-speed tablet presses

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Company News
Precautions for the use of high-speed tablet presses
Latest company news about Precautions for the use of high-speed tablet presses

1. The protective cover, safety cover and other devices on the high-speed tablet press equipment should not be removed, and should be properly installed when using.

2. The punching die needs to undergo strict flaw detection test and appearance inspection. It must be free of cracks, deformation, missing edges, suitable hardness and accurate size. If it is unqualified, do not use it to avoid serious damage to the machine.

3. The granular powder should not exceed 100 mesh, because it will cause more flying powder in the upper punch and more leakage in the lower punch, which will affect the machine parts, and be easy to wear, stick to punch and raw materials.
4. Do not use raw materials that are not dry, because it will make the powder stick to the punch surface.

5. If there is film jumping or stagnation during operation, you must not take it by hand, so as to avoid hand injury accidents.

6. When driving, the motor should be turned on first, and the clutch should be turned on after it runs normally.

7. If you find that the machine vibrates abnormally or makes abnormal noises during use, you should stop and check immediately.

8. The pressure in use should not be too large. Generally, the load of the motor is used to measure the heavy load current of 380 volts during tablet pressing, and it is normal that the current does not exceed 4 amperes.

9. The difference in tablet weight increases: During the pressure process, the weight difference can exceed the limit specified in the Pharmacopoeia to be qualified. However, during the tableting process, it is often found that the difference in tablet weight increases.


latest company news about Precautions for the use of high-speed tablet presses  0

The reasons and treatment methods are briefly described as follows:

(1) The length of the punches is uneven, which is easy to cause the difference in tablet weight to increase. Therefore, check each punch with a caliper before use, and then use it. Others are less, and individual undershoots should be checked to eliminate obstacles.

(2) The feeding hopper or granulator is blocked: during tableting, if the particles used are small, sticky or wet, and there are occasional cotton yarn ends, tablets and other foreign matters in the particles, the flow is not smooth, so that the particles added to the die holes If the film weight is reduced suddenly, it will affect the film weight. If the film weight suddenly decreases, stop and check.

(3) Changes in tablet weight caused by particles: too wet particles, too much fine powder, too large difference in particle thickness, and insufficient lubricant in the particles, which can also cause changes in tablet weight differences, and the quality of particles should be improved.

(4) The reason for the change of tablet weight is that the general situation is caused by the failure of the tablet press or the negligence in work.


Therefore, during the tablet pressing process, maintenance work should be done, and the machine parts should be carefully checked for damage, and a Weigh the tablet once every certain time (10-20 minutes) to see if the tablet weight is in compliance with the regulations.

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