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Precautions for the three processes of the emulsifier

June 30, 2022

Precautions for the three processes of the emulsifier.

1. Preparation before use
First of all, check whether the vacuum emulsifier and the surrounding working environment have hidden dangers, such as whether the pipelines, equipment appearance, etc. are intact or not, and whether there is water and oil leakage on the ground. Then check the production process and equipment operation and use procedures strictly one by one to ensure that the conditions required by each procedure are met, and they are rigorous and careless.


Check the condition of the lubricating oil and coolant, replace the turbid and failed lubricating oil or coolant, ensure that the liquid level is within the specified amount, check whether the power supply is normal, whether there is a fault display after power-on, etc.

2. Inspection in use
In normal production, it is easy for the operator to ignore the detection of the operating status of the equipment. Therefore, when the technicians of the regular emulsifier manufacturers go to the site for debugging, they will emphasize that the operator should pay attention to the operation of the equipment to avoid improper use, and check the working status at any time. Operation results in equipment damage and material loss.


The sequence of starting up and feeding materials, the cleaning method and the selection of cleaning supplies, the feeding method, the environmental treatment during the working process, etc., are prone to problems of equipment damage or complete use due to carelessness.


Abnormal phenomena such as abnormal sound, odor, sudden vibration, etc., the operator should immediately check and deal with them properly


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3. Reset after use
The work after the production of the vacuum emulsifier is also very important and easily overlooked. Many users clean the equipment as required after production, but the operator may forget the reset steps, which is easy to damage the equipment or leave a hidden danger. After using the equipment, pay special attention to the following points:

1. Evacuate the liquid, gas, etc. in each process pipeline. If automatic or semi-automatic equipment is used for pipeline transportation, attention should also be paid to handling the materials in the pipeline according to regulations;

2. Clean the sundries in the buffer tank and keep the buffer tank clean;

3. Clean up the vacuum pump, check valve, etc. of the vacuum system (if it is a water-ring vacuum pump, pay attention to the need to jog inspection before the next operation, if the rust is dead, it must be manually removed and then energized);

4. Each mechanical part is reset to normal state, and the inner pot and jacket keep the vent valve normally open;

5. Turn off each branch power supply and then turn off the main power supply.