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company news about Pay attention to the vacuum emulsifier maintenance skills

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 I would like to thank you for all your efforts to choose the correct atomizer for our spray dryer,High speed drying. The surface area of Raw Material liquid increased a lot after atomization through nebulizer, 95%-98% of moisture will be evaporated in high temperature airflow in a flash, only needs seconds time.


I really don't know how to thank you, you are my angel, Thank you very much. Super Fine Pulverizing this one is faster than other same power machine and is easy to operate and repaired.

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Company News
Pay attention to the vacuum emulsifier maintenance skills
Latest company news about Pay attention to the vacuum emulsifier maintenance skills

Vacuum emulsification refers to the material in the state of vacuum, the use of high shear emulsifier to quickly and evenly distribute one or more phases into another continuous phase, the use of strong kinetic energy brought by machinery, so that the material in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor, every minute to withstand hundreds of thousands of times of hydraulic shear.Centrifugal extrusion, impact, tear and other comprehensive effects, instant evenly dispersed emulsification, after high-frequency cycle reciprocating, the bubble-free delicate and stable high-quality products.
In the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries, with the expansion of the market size, the more stringent requirements, the current pharmaceutical vacuum emulsifier plays an increasingly important role in ensuring the high quality of products.
The industry said, in order to maintain the efficiency and product quality of vacuum emulsifier, but also to extend the service life of vacuum emulsifier, operators must standardize the daily use of vacuum emulsifier and maintenance.To be specific, it mainly includes the following aspects.
For example, the electrical equipment maintenance work, to ensure that the equipment and electrical control system clean, sanitation, do a good job of moisture, corrosion, frequency converter to do a good job of ventilation, dust removal and other cooling work.The industry reminds, if this aspect did not do well may have a great impact on the electrical equipment, even burnt electrical equipment.
Another example, the safety valve to regularly check, to prevent the valve rust dead contamination failure, trap regularly check, to prevent debris blocking;Vacuum system, especially the water ring vacuum pump, in the use process, sometimes because of rust or debris, stuck rotor, resulting in motor burn, so in the daily maintenance process to check whether there is a blockage;Water ring system to ensure smooth, in the use of the process of starting the vacuum pump if there is a blocking phenomenon, should immediately stop the vacuum pump, clean the vacuum pump before starting again.
It is reported that the vacuum emulsifier has a lot of seals, so the mechanical seal to replace the rotating and rotating ring regularly, the cycle depends on the frequent use of equipment, the double end mechanical seal to often check the cooling system, so as not to burn the mechanical seal cooling failure.Skeleton seal, according to the characteristics of the material, choose the appropriate material, and in use according to the maintenance manual to replace regularly.
In addition, motor, reducer, according to the user manual regularly replace the lubricating oil, frequent use to check the viscosity and acidity of the lubricating oil in advance, change the lubricating oil in advance.
In addition to regular maintenance of equipment, operators also need to master the vacuum emulsifier fault and troubleshooting methods.When the vacuum emulsifier in the process of operation such as failure, should immediately stop for inspection, to remove the fault before running.Generally speaking, the common failure of the vacuum emulsifier can be eliminated by the following inspection.
First, check whether the power supply is normal, whether there is leakage in the power line, whether the motor blade is normal operation, whether the motor is faulty.
Second, check whether the vacuum pipeline is closed, whether the seal ring leakage.
Third, check whether the vacuum valve is open, whether the vacuum pump is refueling or whether the vacuum pump tank is filled with water, and whether the rotary direction of the vacuum pump is correct.
Fourth, check whether the slurry is eccentric, whether the scraper is seriously worn.
Fifth, check whether there are foreign bodies stuck on the scraping panel, resulting in flexible rotation.
Six, check whether the homogeneous head is normal, whether there is foreign body stuck homogeneous head, whether the electric control cabinet relay jump out, whether the limit switch loosen.

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