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Master these points so that you don't have to worry about the maintenance of the laboratory emulsifier

May 29, 2020

Drug cream is a common paste preparation, which needs the corresponding emulsifying equipment.In recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and the acceleration of the examination and approval, more and more pharmaceutical cream products have been approved for the market. Under the broad market demand, the pharmaceutical cream market continues to grow, bringing more opportunities to the relevant emulsifier equipment.
Among them, the laboratory emulsifier is a special equipment for experiments, with the characteristics of high efficiency, fast and uniform, suitable for experiments or small-scale production.It is understood that the laboratory emulsifier is through the mechanical force of the square action of the liquid, solid or solid-liquid mixture particles, evenly distributed throughout the material, and then after the extraction of uniform, dispersed emulsification, so as to form a stable emulsion.
Under the background of continuous development of science and technology and continuous improvement of market requirements, laboratory emulsifier is developing towards a more efficient and uniform direction.However, no matter what grade of laboratory emulsifier, users in the use of the process, should pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment and maintenance.To this, the technical personnel of manufacturer made brief introduction of equipment maintenance knowledge, see you mastered a few?
First, when the user is using the emulsifier, the liquid material must be continuously input or keep a certain amount in the container.The purpose of this is to avoid the empty machine operation, to prevent the material in the work of high temperature or crystallization and solidification and equipment damage.
Second, after the completion of the experiment or small-scale production, the laboratory emulsifier must be cleaned up, so as to maintain the fixed, rotor work efficiency, and can play the role of protecting the emulsification confidential seal.
In addition, the technical staff suggested that, when necessary, the equipment can be installed in the peripheral design of a set of cleaning cycle device, convenient cleaning, more can keep clean.
Second, after the laboratory emulsifier is confirmed to be connected to the cooling water sealing machine, start the motor. It needs to be noted that the motor steering should be consistent with the spindle steering mark before the operation, do not reverse.
Thirdly, metal scrap or hard hard debris is forbidden to enter the working chamber of the emulsifier, so as to avoid the destructive damage to the working stator, rotor and equipment.
Equipment maintenance personnel need to check the stator and rotor regularly. If excessive wear is found, the corresponding parts should be replaced in time to ensure the effect of dispersion and emulsification.
Fourth, according to the user use of different media, the user of the import and export filter must be cleaned regularly, in order to avoid the reduction of the amount of feed and affect the production efficiency.
In addition, the materials entering the working chamber must be fluid, and the materials with dry powder or lumps are not allowed to enter the machine directly.
Fifth, the laboratory emulsifier in operation, if there is liquid leakage at the shaft, the machine must be shut down after adjusting the sealing pressure.In case of abnormal sound or other faults, it is also necessary to stop the machine immediately for inspection, and then operate after troubleshooting.After shutdown, the working cavity, stator and rotor should be cleaned.
Sixth, the safety of equipment and personnel needs to be guaranteed.Generally speaking, before the user USES the laboratory emulsifier, the enterprise needs to formulate the corresponding safe production operation rules to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.In the electrical control system, it is also necessary for the user to set up a safety protection system and have a good and reliable electrical grounding device.