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Manual capsule filling machine operation steps

April 9, 2021

The filling speed of the capsule filling machine is fast, and the size difference of the capsule filling machine is small. It integrates the powder-filled capsule shell arrangement, the capsule cap arrangement and the capsule set into one, which is compact and convenient. In addition, the capsule filling machine has many advantages such as fast arrangement speed, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and low power consumption. It is the first choice capsule filling (filling) machine for pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, hospital preparation rooms, etc.


1. Press the green button in the "Power Switch" to turn on the power.

2. Slowly adjust the "Vibration Strength Adjustment Knob" and turn it clockwise. At this time, the sorting tray integrated with the "vibration bracket" starts to vibrate, touch the sorting tray with your hand, and adjust it to a certain vibration intensity by feeling.

3. Put the powder-filled capsule shells into the "powder-filled capsule shell sorting tray", and put about 300 capsules each time. Put the capsule cap into the "capsule cap sorting tray", about 300 capsules each time. The sorting tray is made of plexiglass plate, and there are many round holes in the shape of a funnel, the diameter of the hole corresponds to the diameter of the capsule number.

4. About 30 seconds, the powder-filled capsule shell and capsule cap will drop into the round hole with the opening facing upwards. In case of individual openings facing downwards, the caps of the capsules can be gently pressed down to pull them out.

5. Hold the powder capsule shell connecting plate horizontally (not shown in the picture, it has been prepared at random, there are round holes in the connecting plate), gently push in the lower part of the sorting tray, and the powder capsule shell in the sorting tray will be It will fall down into the round hole of the connecting plate, and then take out the connecting plate. In the same way, take out the capsule cap with the capsule cap connecting plate.

6. A medicated powder square plate with a bottom area of ​​500×500mm2 and a height of about 10mm on four sides can be prepared in advance. The powder is filled in, and the powder-filled capsule shell connecting plate is placed flat in the powdered square plate. Then put the randomly equipped plexiglass frame on the powder capsule receiving plate, put the powder into the frame with a small bucket, and scrape the edge of the frame to fill the powder and scrape off the excess powder.

7. Use the randomly equipped capsule cap cover plate and put it on the capsule cap connecting plate. It has alignment holes and is easy to place. Turn over the cap connecting plate of the capsule so that the opening of the capsule faces downwards, and put it on the powder-filled capsule connecting plate that has been filled with powder. There are also alignment holes for easy fitting.

8. Put the nested capsule plate into the cavity under the "capsule cap forming plate", pull the "pressing rod" down by hand and place it in place. There is no need to be careful of excessive force, because there is a positioning mechanism to control the pressing down. height. Take out the sleeved capsule plate and pour out the capsule.