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Maintenance on Labeling Machine

June 7, 2021

Labeling machine is one of the packaging equipment which put rolls of self-adhesive paper tags mounted on PCB, products and bags. Labeler is an indispensable part of modern packaging machines. Currently in China, types of labeling machines are gradually increasing, as well as technological level, which means changing from manual or semi-automatic technology to fully-automatic technology. With more attention on it, maintenance on labeler is necessary and can prolong its life. Following are 4 aspects to maintain labeling machines.


1.Installing and operating environment: it should be room temperature. Do not place it in the high temperature, humid and acidic condition.


2.Keep clean. It’s very easy to absorb in dust when operating, thus, regularcleaning dust is necessary. Alcohol and neutral cleanout fluid can be used to clean the machine. But some following items should be paid attention to:

  • Prohibit to use cleaning means which can damage surface of machine
  • Prohibit to use corrosive plastic appliances
  • Do not use acid dissolved liquid

3.Regularcheck and maintain in order to operate machines normally, including but not limited to following aspects:

  • Clear waste crapes of paper and debris
  • Clear away dregs of fat around roller and margin
  • Clean cameralens of inductor with soft brush and cloth
  • Regularly change fuse. The labeling machine uses alternating current power supply, which needs fuse against overload.
  • Rust protection needs to spray all stainless steel and iron parts with anti-tust oil.

4.If the labeleris left unused for a long period, you need to pull up power supply and cover it with anti-dust cloth in order to against dust falling over the machine. Besides, regularly scrub thermal belt to better guarantee labeler work high efficiently.

5.Lubricating oil is very important for labeling Smear lubricating oil to the machine after long time working. There are many parts of labelersuch as toothed gear, bearing and speed changing box, which can rust easily after a period of working. Lubricating oil can make these parts work more smoothly. One item should be emphasized that lubricating oil would be added after continuous working for 48 hours.